Cameos of Caring

Allison Foster - Kettering Health Network, Greene Memorial Hospital

Recognition Year: 

Allison goes above and beyond in every role of her works at Greene Memorial Hospital. In her dealing with her patients and families, she exemplifies caring, understanding, empathy, and sympathy. She has patience with her orientees and admits when she does not know the answer, but will join the orientee in finding the answer. That translates to her teaching of patients and their family members as well. She always remains calm and in control even in the most challenging situations. Allison has been a preceptor for new graduate nurses and those new to the network. Allison has helped implement several initiatives for the unit, including dementia distraction tools, new markers at the patient rooms for notifications of NPO, fall risk, and isolation. Allison has been a member of the Unit Practice Council for the past three years and has been the chairperson for the last year. She actively seeks out additional opportunities to learn and become a resource for other departments across the hospital. She has been involved in many donation projects on our unit, such as drives for back-to-school supplies drives to help families in need during the holidays.