Report an Incident

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual harassment, attempted or completed sexual violence, stalking, intimate partner or dating violence, or discrimination based on sex in a university program or activity, you are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the Title IX Coordinator and/or other university official. If you would like to initiate a police investigation of a sexual assault or other crime, call 9-1-1 if it is an emergency or the WSU police at (937) 775-2111 as soon as possible. 

The Title IX Coordinator is available to answer your questions about your options, processes and resources, ensure an appropriate investigation is made as well as to provide guidance and referrals. The Title IX Coordinator may contact you in response to your submission of your report. 

Wright State University’s Title IX Coordinator is Lindsay Miller. Ms. Miller's contact information is:

Lindsay Miller, J.D.
Director, Office of Equity and Inclusion
Title IX Coordinator
Wright State University
280 University Hall
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435
Phone: 937-775-3207
Fax: 937-775-3027

Reports can be made in person, via telephone at (937) 775-3207 or via email at You should be prepared to share as much information as possible based on your knowledge of the situation. You may submit an anonymous report; however, without the contact information of the complainant and the ability to investigate further, the university may be limited in how it can respond.

You are encouraged to write up a description of the incident. Remember, the more details you can provide, the better.

The University may investigate and adjudicate complaints which occur on-campus and off-campus which involve students, staff or faculty. In addition, they may handle complaints that occur at university events or activities, such as study abroad or school sponsored trips.

Remember that sexual violence is a crime. Consider reporting to WSU Police Department if the assault occurred on-campus, or to the local police department or agency if the assault occurred off-campus. OEI will also discuss these options with you. However, you do not need to file a police report or complaint in order for OEI to proceed with their process. 

Once you file a complaint, the investigating office is responsible for notifying the Respondent, conducting a prompt and timely investigation, ensuring the complainant's safety, providing remedies and determining whether there is a potential violation of university policy.

All parties are permitted to bring a support person or legal counsel with them to any interview or meeting with the investigating office. 

The following terms are frequently used in making a report:

Complainant: The person who submits the report. The complainant may be the victim, a witness or another person who knows about an incident or situation.

Victim/Survivor: The person who experienced the violation or harm. 

Respondent: The person accused of perpetrating the violation or harm. If there are more than two respondents, please note that in the description of events. 

Witness: a person who saw or heard an incident occur or who has relevant information about it.