The living WELL Employee Wellness Program offers Wright State University benefit-eligible employees tools, programs, and support to help staff and faculty engage in healthy behaviors in order to attain their optimal states of health and well-being and personal success.  The program also strives to help create a culture of wellness at Wright State that includes a resilient and productive workforce.

living WELL is a 100% voluntary, incentive-based employee wellness program that runs annually and is available to all benefit-eligible (51%+ FTE) Wright State University staff and faculty.

The program consists of:

  • Core health awareness elements—an online Personal Health Assessment and biometric screenings.
  • A wellness portal to facilitate setting and monitoring health goals and action plans, and to track health actions and incentive attainment.
  • Onsite health programs, challenges and events.
  • Promotion of campus and community health promotion resources.

For details on the 2018 living WELL program--incentives and participation requirements.

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