Office of Disability Services


Shakira Busby, '14

Upon graduating my goal has been to obtain a job that will allow me to utilize the skills and knowledge that I’ve acquired while attending Wright State. I am currently seeking a career working with individuals on the Autism spectrum. From the time I chose Rehabilitation Services as my major, I knew that I wanted to work with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Dan Darkow, '15

Reaching towards my dreams, growing academically, and as a person has all been made possible by Wright State University. Never in my life have I been discouraged about myself because of my disability and if I set my mind to do something I will find a way to achieve that goal which is why I decided to attend Wright State.

M.H., Current Student in RASE program

When I first entered college, I was not very well prepared. The challenges I ran into might have overwhelmed me if my transition coach hadn't been there to help.

Mallory Holler, '15

Originally, I was not planning to attend college. However, I visited Wright State a few times during my junior and senior year of high school because my brother (Zach) was a student here. During the visits, I met so many people with various disabilities, as well as all of the staff from ODS. I was amazed at the wide diversity of students here.

Zach Holler, '13

During my years in high school, I always said that I wanted to go to college far away from home, as is probably typical for most high school seniors. However, when I visited Wright State for the first time, I could not overlook the fact that it was one of the most accessible campuses in the country and ranked within the top 5 universities in terms of innovative and accommodative services for students with disabilities.

Pam Kelbley, Parent

While going to college was the next logical step, I just didn’t see how it was possible. Then we visited THE Wright State University.

Jan, Parent of a Current Student

My name is Jan, and my son, M., is in his second year here at Wright State University.  He had a fantastic first year here at Wright State.  There is truly only one reason why his freshman year has been a success.  This reason is due to the Office

Sonia, Parent of a Current Student

Words cannot express how pleased I am with your RASE program and what it has done for my son, K.  K.

M.S., Current Student in RASE program

I firmly believe that the support services offered through the RASE program has been the key to my social, emotional, and academic achievement this semester.  The sense of community and the hands on approach from the director and other ODS staff h

Mitchell Schneider, Current Student in RASE Program

“If you’re willing to put in the work here, everyone is going to know your name and you’re going to be able to succeed." Read more about Mitchell in his feature Quantum Lea

Catalleya Storm, Current Student

My choice to transfer to Wright State University has to do with the fact that I was trying to get away from my trafficker, and was able to get into Wright State. My choice to stay at Wright State has to do with finding my home.