Office of Disability Services

Accommodations Outside the Classroom

ODS provides a number of accommodations outside of the classroom to ensure access to the cirriculum and housing for students with disabilities. You may be contacted by our office for information needed to facilitate these accommodations. 

Alternative Format Conversion

Print materials (books, handouts, etc.) and some digital materals may not be accessible for students who have print-related disabilities. The Technology Center in ODS can convert a wide variety of materials into the format our students need.  Ordering your textbooks early via the bookstore is an important way you can assist in this process. Sensus Access is a free resource that any WSU student, faculty, or staff can utilize in the creation of accessible content. 

Assistive Technology

Students can utilize a vast number of technologies to help in the learning process.  Read&Write is a common tool our students use to read print materials, take notes, and write papers. Faculty and staff can utilize this tool as well (great for journal articles!) Go to the Texthelp website and download Read&Write for your platform (Windows PC or Mac) when prompted to register, choose Microsoft Account and use your WSU email and credentials.

Career and Vocational Support Services

We love to see what our students do after graduation, but preparation is key too ensuring employability. Our office provides several services for students to help themselves perpare for the transition to the workplace. 

Personal Care Assistance

PCA services are designed to accommodate students on an individual basis, assisting them with daily activities, such as personal hygiene, dressing, dining, and laundry.  Each personal care plan may vary from student to student. The ODS Personal Assistance Station provides assistance (currently employing COVID precautions) to students, faculty, staff, and guests with severe physical disabilities, at no cost to the consumer. 

Raiders on the Autism Spectrum Excelling (RASE) Transition Coach Program

Eligible students who register for this fee-based, elective program are assigned a transition coach to work with them, one-on-one, for up to 5 hours per week. The transition coaches are experienced undergraduate or graduate students who are available as a resource for students on the Autism Spectrum. Employees of ODS, coaches set their schedule to accommodate their students’ specific needs. Coaches work with students on transition competency areas to develop the structure and framework necessary to be successful in college. The coach’s focus can include assisting the student with learning self-advocacy skills, accessing campus resources and services, and problem-solving.