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Instructional Design for Digital Learning

You can learn to design online and blended learning classes for higher education and the corporate training environment by earning a graduate certificate in instructional design for digital learning (IDDL). Choose the IDDL-1 program to learn the principles of effective design and implementation of online and blended-learning classes. The IDDL-2 program addresses the theory and research methodologies associated with the effective design of online and blended-learning classes. These programs will help prepare you to be an effective instructor or course developer. You will research and experience effective digital learning tools like web conferencing, learning management systems, digital video, accessibility, virtual worlds, and web page development. Topics for IDDL-2 include cognitive load and cognitive multimedia learning theories, research designs, and literature reviews.

What we offer

Instructional Design for Digital Learning-1, Certificate

Instructional Design for Digital Learning-2, Certificate