Physiology and Neuroscience, MS

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Science and Mathematics, College of » Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Physiology
Program Type: 
Degree Type: 
Master of Science

Program Description:

The program provides students with both a broad knowledge of physiology and neuroscience as well as concentrated experience in one specific area of specialization. The department offers a variety of graduate courses including human physiology, membrane transport, intercellular communication, ion channels, and human neurophysiology, as well as seminar and special topics courses. While the department does not offer a Ph.D. in physiology and neuroscience, a continuation of graduate  studies with our faculty-by students from this or any other graduate program-may lead to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in Biomedical Sciences.

Admissions Requirements:

Physiology and Neuroscience - The requirements for admission are:

  1. B.A., B.S., or equivalent degree
  2. Overall GPA of 3.00-plus or GRE total of 310 (minimum 153 verbal; 153 mathematics)
  3. Suggested prerequisite courses: general biology (one year), organic chemistry (one year), general physics (one year), mathematics (one year through introductory calculus), and one year of advanced study in biology, chemistry, physics, or computer science

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