Latin, BA

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Liberal Arts, College of » Religion, Philosophy, and Classics
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Degree Type: 
Bachelor of Arts

Program Description:

Classics is the study of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Both cultures have had a profound influence on life in the western world, especially in the areas of language and literature, art and architecture, politics and religion, science and philosophy. The Classics department at Wright State offers classes in most of these areas.

The Latin major allows students to focus primarily on the study of Latin language, literature, and culture. Students are required to take 7 semesters of Latin language. Additional electives cover courses in a diverse range of subjects relating to the study of the Classical world.

For students interested in teaching Latin, the Latin major prepares them to enroll in the Latin Licensure program, which the Classics Department offers in conjunction with Wright State's College of Education and Human Services.

Classics Honors Program

Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher in Latin may substitute an Honors project for CLS 4100 . An Honors project involves independent study with a faculty mentor. It will usually extend over two consecutive terms and earn six hours of credit upon its successful completion. The project culminates in the writing of a major research paper (25-30 pages) during the second term and an oral defense of the project with the Department faculty.

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