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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Response


Updated: November 22, 2021

Wright State University encourages all eligible people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The approved vaccines are safe and effective.

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Fully Vaccinated: Definition and Recognized Vaccines

An individual is fully vaccinated 14 days after the final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, including Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and vaccines listed on the WHO Emergency Use Listing.

Dayton Campus COVID-19 Vaccines

Wright State Physicians (WSP) on the Dayton Campus is an approved COVID-19 vaccination site. Eligible Wright State University students and employees can call or text 937-245-7200 to schedule a vaccination appointment. You do not need to be a current Wright State Physicians patient to receive your vaccination.

First and second doses and third/booster doses (for those who qualify) of the Pfizer vaccine are available to students, faculty, and staff at the Dayton Campus testing and vaccination center, 023 Student Union (near the WWSU radio station). Appointments are required. Schedule an appointment through Premier Health.

Find additional vaccine providers throughout in Ohio at

Lake Campus COVID-19 Vaccines

Lake Campus community members can contact the Mercer County Health District at 419-586-3251 for information about getting a COVID-19 vaccine in the Lake Campus area. You can find additional vaccine providers throughout in Ohio at

Employee Vaccine Mandate

Recent federal policy and regulatory changes, which are beyond Wright State University’s control, require a change in the university's approach to addressing COVID-19 vaccinations.

As a result, all Wright State University employees must be fully vaccinated and upload an image of their federal vaccination card, or obtain a university-approved medical or religious exemption, by January 4, 2022.

View the employee vaccine mandate email (PDF).

Download an exemption form (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is required to get vaccinated?

    The university has determined that Executive Order 14042 applies to Wright State's entire workforce, including student employees.

  • Who is considered a Wright State employee?

    Anyone who receives a paycheck from the university, including all faculty, staff, student employees, and those serving as graduate assistants.

  • Am I eligible for an exemption?

    Requests for medical/disability accommodations must be submitted to the Office of Disability Services. Supporting medical documentation is required. Employees who believe that COVID-19 vaccination violates a sincerely held religious belief may request exemption using this exemption form (PDF).

  • How does the university define "fully vaccinated"?

    An individual is fully vaccinated 14 days after the final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, including Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and vaccines listed on the WHO Emergency Use Listing.

  • Is the booster shot part of this requirement?

    Booster shots are not currently a part of this requirement.

  • Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

    Vaccinations are available to employees for free at:

    • The COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Center, at 023 Student Union, on Wednesday, December 1. Appointments are required. Schedule an appointment.
    • Wright State Physicians by calling or texting 937-245-7200.
    • Most pharmacies. Schedule an appointment at
  • What if I can’t get vaccinated by the deadline?

    Employees who are not fully vaccinated by the deadline must be able to demonstrate a good faith effort to comply by the deadline, such as having received a first dose of a vaccine, with a second dose scheduled.

  • What if I previously uploaded evidence of my vaccination?

    If you previously uploaded your evidence of vaccination, you have complied and no further action is needed at this time. If an image of your vaccination card was uploaded successfully, you should have received a confirmation email from If you did not receive this confirmation, email

  • What if I refuse to upload evidence of vaccination?

    The university will make counseling and education a priority for employees who refuse vaccination or do not upload evidence of vaccination. However, COVID-19 vaccination is a condition of employment at Wright State (except for those with approved accommodations or exemptions required by applicable law). The university will address refusal to provide appropriate evidence of vaccination through our existing, progressive disciplinary processes, and in accordance with the provisions of university policy and any applicable collective bargaining agreement provisions.

  • I already had COVID-19. Do I need the vaccine?

    President Biden's executive order does not allow an employee with natural immunity to opt out of vaccination.

  • What vaccines meet the requirement?

    Wright State recognizes the following vaccines for this opportunity: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and vaccines listed on the WHO Emergency Use Listing.

  • Are there alternatives to vaccination?

    The President's Executive Order does not allow employees to opt out or test-out of vaccination.

  • I work remotely. Must I get a vaccine?

    Employees who work on campus full-time or part-time, or who are even occasionally on campus, are required to upload evidence of vaccination. Employees who are "fully remote" and who do not wish to upload evidence of vaccination should seek guidance from their supervisors. Supervisors may contact the Office of General Counsel for advice regarding exemption of fully remote employees.