Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Response

Event and Meeting Planning Guide

The university is now allowing some in-person activities. All in-person activity requests must go through a review process in order to be approved. The review process has been integrated into the previously established space reservation process.

Locations and Contacts

The following contacts initiate the review process based on the activity location.

Note: Some in-person activities take place in spaces managed by individual units and do not require additional space reservations. Those activities must still go through the review process and event planners should contact Event Services and Youth Programs.

Student Union, Classrooms*, Outdoor Spaces in Campus Core

Event Services and Youth Programs

*for non-academic use

Wright State Nutter Center

Arena, McLin Gym, Parking Lots
Misty Cox

Berry Room
Sean Robison

Athletic Fields: Nischwitz Stadium, Softball Stadium, Rinzler Student Sports Complex

Chris Bethel

Lake Campus

Candace Phlipot

Risk Identification and Reviews

All in-person activities will be categorized as low, medium, or high risk. Low-risk activities may be approved at the coordinator level; medium– and high-risk activities will require a risk mitigation plan and be reviewed by the activities review committee. Coordinators will assist event planners with the risk mitigation plan. Medium and high-risk activities may take up to 10 days to be reviewed.

Low-risk activities include seated indoor or outdoor activities or gatherings of 10 or fewer people that can easily be set up for social distancing.

Medium-risk activities may include elements that present challenges to social distancing, thus requiring additional scrutiny.

High-risk activities include a large number of participants, involve elements that are difficult to manage safely, or place a strain on available resources.