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Conversion of Failing Grades (F, X) to Protect GPA

Recognizing the difficulties many students have faced during the 2020 Summer and/or Fall Semester that may have impacted their ability to perform at their best level, Wright State University is providing an automatic conversion of failing grades for undergraduate students that we hope will minimize long-term damage to these students’ GPAs as a result of less-than-ideal conditions.

All faculty will submit their course grades (A, B, C, D, F, X, or NR) no later than noon on December 16, 2020. By 5 p.m. on December 16, all 2020 Summer and Fall Semester grades of F will be automatically converted to U. All grades of X will be automatically converted to XU.

Similar to the impact of an F or X grade, the grade of U or XU does not confer credit. The U or XU grade will not be factored into the student’s grade point average. Hours are still counted as attempted, but not earned, and have the same impact on completion and maximum timeframe for financial aid satisfactory academic progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to request this option?

    No; it will be an automatic conversion completed by the Office of the Registrar after final grades are processed.

  • How will this impact my GPA?

    F and X grades lower your GPA. Converting these failing grades protects your GPA, since U or XU grades are not included in the grade point average calculation.

  • Will this impact my eligibility for financial aid or scholarships?

    There are limits to the amount and timeframe in which you can receive federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Courses in which credit is not earned (F, X, U, XU, W, N, NR, NU) may need to be repeated, delaying your degree completion and potentially exhausting your financial aid eligibility. You can view the limits to various types of aid programs at or by speaking with RaiderConnect at 937-775-4000 or by email at

  • What is a X or XU grade and how does it impact my financial aid?

    Both the X and XU grade denote that a student attended or participated in a course effort but did not complete the course or officially withdraw. If all the grades you receive for the semester are some combination of  X, XU, W, N, NR, NU, and K, you are considered to have unofficially withdrawn and are subject to Return of Title IV financial aid funds.

  • Which grade will appear on my transcript?

    After final grades are processed, if you earned an F or an X grade for the semester, this grade will be converted to either U (for F) or XU (for X) and only this newly converted grade will appear on the transcript.

  • Are my Incomplete (I) grades eligible for this conversion?

    No. An incomplete grade (I) from this or any term will not be converted under this plan. An incomplete grade for a fall 2020 course will not be eligible for retroactive conversion to U/XU.

  • I took courses in the summer of 2020. Can I receive this grade conversion?

    Yes. Any student who was enrolled in classes in summer of 2020 will have any F or X grades retroactively converted to U or XU, and their GPA will be recalculated.

  • Is this process available for graduate students?

    This option is not available for graduate students.

  • Will this impact F grades that were issued as part of an academic integrity procedure?

    No. If a student received an F grade in a course as part of an academic integrity hearing, the F grade will stand.

  • Do faculty members need to submit their grades any differently than they have in the past?

    No. Faculty will continue to submit grades using the system they always follow, with final grades due no later than noon on Wednesday, December 16. The Office of the Registrar staff will complete a batch conversion of any F or X grades to U or XU by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16.