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Office of the Controller


Watch these videos to learn how to perform some of the more common functions in WINGS Express Finance. Please note: these videos require Adobe Flash player.

Video Name Chapter


Viewing Documents Chapter 3, 4 3-1-09
Approving Documents Chapter 4 3-1-09
Disapproving Documents Chapter 4 3-1-09
Expense/Revenue Transfer Form Chapter 4 11-13-09
Budget Transfer Form Chapter 4 11-13-09
Budget Query by Account Chapter 5 3-1-09
Budget Query by Organizational Hierarchy Chapter 5 3-1-09
Comparing & Computing Budgetary Information Chapter 5 3-1-09
Query Encumbrance Chapter 5 3-1-09
Transaction Detail Chapter 5 3-1-09
Downloading Query Results into Excel Chapter 14 3-1-09