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Below is a list of descriptive, definitive, step by step, and reference documents pertaining to WINGS Express Finance. 


Document Name Chapter Document Type Date Modified
Budget Query Columns Chapter 2 Description  8/7/09
Code Lookup Chapter 2 Step by Step 8/7/09
Expense and Transfer Account Chapter 2  Definitions  6/12/17
General Ledger Accounts Chapter 2 Definitions 8/7/09
Revenue Accounts Chapter 2 Definitions  9/25/13
Program Definitions Chapter 2 Definitions 2/1/16
Viewing Documents Chapter 3/4 Step by Step 12/13/10
Approve/Disapprove Docs Chapter 4 Step by Step  12/13/10
Budget Transfer Chapter 4 Step by Step 8/7/09
CopyFrom Journal Voucher Chapter 4 Step by Step 8/7/09
Debits/Credits Chapter 4 Reference Chart  8/7/09
Expense Revenue Transfer Chapter 4 Step by Step 12/13/10
Revenue vs Cost Recovery Chapter 4 Reference Chart 8/7/09
Budget Query Code Lookup Chapter 5 Step by Step 8/7/09
Budget Status Query by Account Chapter 5 Step by Step  8/7/09
Budget Status Org Hierarchy Query Chapter 5 Step by Step  8/7/09
Budget Query Comparison Table Chapter 5 Reference Chart 8/7/09
Encumbrance Query Chapter 5 Step by Step 8/7/09
Transaction Detail Query Chapter 5 Step by Step 12/13/10
Information Used to Query Table Chapter 5  Reference Chart 8/7/09
Compare/Compute Budget Queries Chapter 5  Step by Step 9/24/09
Earn Code List Chapter 5 Reference Chart N/A
Operating Ledger Data Columns Chapter 5/6 Reference Chart  8/7/09
Balance Available Report Chapter 6 Step by Step 4/13/11
General Ledger Reports Chapter 9 Step by Step 8/7/09
Managing Your Templates Chapter 10 Step by Step 8/7/09
Procedures for Uploading Finance Journal Vouchers Chapter 13 Step by Step 5/16/16
Procedures for Uploading Student AR Transactions Chapter 13  Step by Step 5/16/16
Using Excel to Analyze Finance Data

Chapter 14

Step by Step