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Panopto - Add to your Pilot Course

Adding the Panopto external learning tool to your Pilot course Content will allow you to upload, manage, and share audio and video files securely with your students. You can also download and install Panopto’s own recording software (Windows/Mac) for free after adding the the external learning tool. Detailed instructions on the installation and use of both Panopto for Windows and Panopto for Mac, as well as other Panopto features, can be found on the Panopto Tutorials page.

This tool needs to be added to the Pilot course to begin each semester. If you are copying course components over in Pilot from an old course, to which the tool has already been added, it does not need to be re-added, but you will need to go into the old course’s Panopto folder and move the previous video files into the new semester’s Panopto folder.

Add Panopto to your Pilot Course

Step 1

Navigate to your Pilot course, click Content from the course navigation bar, and either select an existing module from the Table of Contents or create a new module by clicking into the “Add a module” text box, giving it a title, and pressing return/enter on the keyboard.



Step 2

In the selected module (I’ve named mine "Video Recordings" in the example), press the “Add Existing Activities” menu button and choose “External Learning Tools” from the sub-menu.


Step 3

Scroll down through the alphabetical list of external learning tools and click “Panopto.”

Congratulations! You’ve added Panopto to your course and you’ve given your videos a place to live.

The Panopto external learning tool acts as a central portal from which you can:

  • Launch Panopto’s lecture/video recording software (Create > Panopto for Windows or Create > Panopto for Mac)
  • Upload and share local video and audio files from your computer, tablet, or smartphone (Create > Upload)
  • Create an Assignment folder to which students can upload videos securely

This can also be the central point where your students access all of your videos as they are created and uploaded. If you would prefer to share the individual videos in different modules in Pilot Content, you can hide the Panopto external learning tool’s module by setting it to “draft,” then copying the links from each individual video from there and placing them in their appropriate modules (New > Create Link).