Blackboard Collaborate Original for Students (Participants)

Attend class online live with this Web conferencing system, also known as Pilot Live. Students may participate in the session with two-way audio, text messaging, a shared whiteboard, surveys, quizzes and more.

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Steps to Use Blackboard Collaborate as a Participant

Blackboard Collaborate is the personal, online web conferencing tool designed for small meetings, one-on-one discussions, and training for a limited number of students. Blackboard Collaborate enables students and faculty to collaborate and interact by using a microphone to talk over the Internet, uploading PowerPoint documents, polling participants to get feedback, and problem solving using a whiteboard. Collaborate works on Windows and Macs.


Enter your Collaborate Conference
1. You will need a USB headset with microphone, speakers, and noise cancellation. We've seen good results with the LogiTech H530
2. Watch a Blackboard Collaborate Participant Orientation Movie (Video = 7 mins)
3. Important: Remember to plug your USB Headset into the computer BEFORE you launch Collaborate. Make sure it is not muted.
4. Go to your course homepage in Pilot, click Communication on the top navigation bar, then select Pilot Live from the sub-menu.
5. Click the link to your meeting. You will be prompted to type your name in the box. You should put in your first and last name. This is not a password, but simply a way for you to be identified when you enter the session. Click Login.
6. Blackboard Collaborate launches a Java Quickstart Applet. Be patient it may take several minutes. Most computers have this free Java Quickstart Applet installed. If you do not have the Applet installed on your computer, it will most likely install automatically. You need to have administrator rights to download software on your computer to allow the Java Quickstart Applet to download. If you are on a work computer and do not have the rights to download software you should contact your IT person and ask them to do this for you.
7. You know that Blackboard Collaborate launched correctly when you see a window that has a participant list and you see your name listed.


Adjust Your Audio Settings
Once you are connected you need to test the audio:
1. Click Tools on Menu bar at top.
2. Click Audio, then Audio Set-up Wizard.
3. Select the correct audio Output Device (example- Logitech USB Headset) and click OK.
4. Put the headset on and click the green arrow to play a pre-recorded message.
5. Follow the Audio Set-up to finish the audio set-up.
6. You should do an Audio Set-up EVERY time you log onto Blackboard Collaborate.


Check Your Whiteboard Settings and Window Layout
Set your Whiteboard so that it displays the slides properly:
1. Click Tools, then Whiteboard
2. Make sure there is a check next to Scale to Window.
There are several windows in the Blackboard Collaborate screen. You can change the view:
1. Click View on the Toolbar at the top.
2. Click Layouts.
3. Try Default and try Wide Layout. Most people prefer Wide so that you can see a long list of participants.


View a Recorded Session Later
If your instructor chooses to record a session, you can go back and review the recording in the Archives. Click the Archives link on the page you see after you click Pilot Live in your Pilot class. Sessions are listed by date.

Blackboard Collaborate Help


Live Text Chat
You can have a live text-based chat with a Blackboard Collaborate help desk person:
1. Go to the "Contact Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support" page.
2. Click "Live Chat"
3. You will need to fill in some basic information, including the "Product Suite," which at the time of this writing is Blackboard Collaborate 11.


24/7 Phone Support
Call the Blackboard Collaborate 24/7 Help Desk at (877) 382-2293.
There is user support 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Support for more technical issues, though, is only available during the day.

Blackboard Collaborate References

Here are some contacts and links to help get you started with Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing.