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Other resources for women:


Employment Rights
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WAGE Project

Educating women about the gender wage gap and how to eliminate it.


Women Employed

“Fair wages. Advancement opportunities. Respect in the workplace. Access to high-quality education and training. Women Employed is fighting to ensure that all women can achieve their aspirations and support themselves and their families.” Employment rights information for women, including sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, and medical leave.



Job survival helpline (800) 522-0925 or email helpline@9to5.org where women can get up-to-date information on their rights, how to handle workplace situations, create better company policies, and referrals to different support resources. Offer free toolkits for creating equal opportunity policies in your own community.


Feminist Majority Foundation

Compiled list of national and state hotlines for workplace harassment and discrimination.


‘Feminist Jobs’ website provides women with a place to find jobs that progress the status of women or encompass their passion for social justice.


National Committee on Pay Equity

Compiled information on the most recent research on the wage gap including: comparisons by state, race, professional sports, and occupation, and effective strategies for investigating pay discrimination.


Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW)

This organization supports union women through activism and education on affirmative action, women’s role within unions, and other related legislature Provides resources for activism in your own community, as well as at the national level.


Financial Planning
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The Beehive

Career Builder tool to help you create a plan to get the Career you really want. Financial and family planning resources, work/life balance, resources in English and Spanish, real estate and housing support information, and tax filing support.


Wider Opportunities for Women

Support for developing career plans that include a plan for financial stability, retirement planning, BEST Index for measuring the income/assets of US families across a lifetime.


Economic Security for Survivors (ESS) includes tools for building a career plan, policy briefs, factsheets, magazine on economic empowerment for survivors.


National Council of Negro Women

Mission to advocate for and develop women of color as they support their families and communities http://www.ncnw.org/

Offer financial planning tools, networking opportunities, and policy fact sheets.


Business Career Concentration
Name of Resource Description and URL
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA): Women-Owned Small Businesses

Offers specific support for women who are looking to: start their own business, grow their business, finance their business, or mentor others in building their own businesses. Includes information on SBA loans, federal contracting opportunities, and also SBA Women’s Business Centers where one can find support through peers in their region.


National Association of Women Business Owners

Network of women business owners that support each other with access to a large resource and media center, advocacy tools, and professional development opportunities.


Women Impacting Public Policy

National organization advocating on behalf of women and minorities in business at the legislative level.


ExportNow program provides women with resources on expanding their business to the international marketplace.


Women in Business Networking

Based in the Miami-Valley of Ohio Committed to offering a place for professional women to meet and positively support each other, offering education, resources, and recognition for leaders in the community.


Federal & Government Career Concentration
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Women Impacting Public Policy

National organization advocating on behalf of women and minorities in business at the legislative level.


ChallengeHer program provides resources to help women compete in the US government marketplace. http://www.wipp.org/?ChallengeHER

US Office of Economic Impact and Diversity’s Women@Energy

List of STEM women employees of the US Energy Department with personal bios and tips for women interested in this career path.



List of women NASA employees with personal bios and tips for women interested in this career path. Website also offered in Spanish.

Offers fact sheets and information on women in space and aviation history and present day


Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN)

National organization dedicated to shaping college women into public policy leaders.

Provides leadership skill development programming, internship opportunities, funding/scholarship opportunities, networking events, and seminars on current events.


Federally Employed Women (FEW)

Dedicated to the equal treatment of women and addressing concerns in the federal workforce

Provides statistics on federal hiring practices, mentoring opportunities, leadership development, working across government agencies, and empowerment


STEM Career Concentration
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Sally Ride Science

Online Academy offers lesson plans, tips, and tricks for teachers and school counselors to get elementary and high school students interested in STEM through a career-focused instructional method


National Science Foundation’s Career-Life Balance Initiative

Academic STEM careers that do not support women in balancing life with their careers impact their progression in those fields. This website highlights NSF’s efforts to clear the obstacles from the STEM Career-Life pathways leading from graduate education through to full professor via offering guidance, federal policy information, and resources.

Higher Education Career Concentration
Name of Resource Description and URL
American Association of University Women (AAUW)

National organization dedicated to advocacy for females in education.

Offer resources, funding for research, public policy information, legal advocacy (including resources for knowing your rights in education and the workplace and referrals for legal support if needed), economic justice information, and professional development opportunities for women in higher education


Fellowships and grants directories website:


Work-Life Balance
Name of Resource Description and URL

Networking platform for women who are professionals, entrepreneurs, job-seekers, recent graduates, authors, etc.

Offers a directory of women in different fields and expertise to help connect the community to work and family life


Medical Career Concentration
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American Medical Women Association

Dedicated to advancing women in medical professions, as well as women’s health Resources include tips and processes for preparing a research grant proposal, advocacy support, networking, and career opportunities.


Workplace Rights
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US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Law Regulation and Guidance page helps anyone understand the federal policy on discrimination of any kind, should you require a better understanding.


Going Back to Work / Workforce Re-entry
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Support for women looking to move back into the workforce after a hiatus period; includes guidance on résumés, cover letters, your “elevator pitch”, networking, and Career Reentry Programs for those who are looking for more education from reputable higher education institutions before returning to the workforce (prices available ranging from $350 to $20,000)

Resources for military spouses in particular


Job Posting Boards
Name of Resource Description and URL
Advancing Women


Womens Job List


Career Women


GLBTQ Job Search Resources

Carleen Beckermann, Lisa Duke, Barbara Halabi, Stephanie Spencer, and Debra Wilburn in Career Services have completed training through the Wright State University Safe Space Program.

Out For Work Resource Library

Diversity change organization Out For Work has awarded Career Services a Gold Certificate through their Career Center Certification Program, designed to enhance gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer specific resources in academic career centers across the United States.

As a result of the certification, Career Services can provide access to the Out For Work Resource Library, a one stop resource for GLBTQ career-related information.

To access the GLBTQ Career Resource Library, use:
username: outforwork
password: cccp2013

Access the Out For Work Resource Library

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