2012-oncampusrecruiting-interview.jpgThrough the Career Services On-Campus Interview program for Wright State students and alumni:

  • Students and alumni interview for co-ops, internships, and career opportunities relevant to their field of interest and study.
  • Companies specify qualifications for candidate eligibility
  • Interview selection and sign up occur through The Wright Search, viewable based on the major of the job seeker
  • Interviews take place on campus, in the Career Services office
  • There are no fees to participate

Get Started

  1. Enroll in The Wright Search résumé posting, job posting, and on-campus interview database.
  2. Schedule on campus interviews electronically, through [an error occurred while processing this directive], using the Schedules tab.
  3. Select a time and date you will be available. Record your interview time and date. There are penalties for missing an interview.
  4. Meet deadlines at several stages, such as signing up during the specified period, submitting your résumé for consideration if requested by employer, and returning to the signup system to see if you have been invited, then schedule your interview

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Know the Schedule of Participating Employers

Schedules appear in The Wright Search as our office arranges them with employers. Changes to schedules appear as employers request.

To retrieve updates, revisit Schedules in The Wright Search on a regular basis, at least twice a week.

Meet the Dates and Deadlines


Standard On-Campus Interview dates occur between late September and mid-April.


There are dates by which candidates must

  • request a pre-select interview
  • schedule pre-select and open interview times

Only those candidates who meet the deadlines have opportunities to interview.

While there is a general template for dates and deadlines, some dates may vary by employers.

The most accurate information is available in The Wright Search

Adhere to the Sign Up and Cancellation Policy

All students participating in on campus interviewing are required to follow the Career Services On-Campus Interview Sign Up and Cancellation Policy.

Failure to adhere to the Sign Up and Cancellation Policy may result in restriction of access to The Wright Search and other Career Services resources.

The On-Campus Interview sign-up process requires you to meet certain deadlines at several stages. Pay attention to dates and deadlines posted for each interview in The Wright Search. Those are the deadlines to which the Sign Up and Cancellation Policy applies.

Sign Up and Cancellation Policy:
  • Candidates may sign up for and drop interviews before deadline dates posted in The Wright Search.
  • Once interview sign-up and drop deadline dates posted in The Wright Search have passed, candidates who are signed up for an interview are obligated to attend the interview. Scheduled interviews are viewable in The Wright Search in the individual account, under the Schedules drop down menu.
  • Cancellations after the deadline may result in the loss of privileges with Career Services and The Wright Search.
  • Failing to show for a pre-scheduled interview appointment with an employer may result in the loss of privileges with Career Services and The Wright Search.
  • Cancellations after the interview sign-up closing deadline create a negative impression of the candidate, with both the employer and Career Services.

Location and Contact Information

On campus interviews take place in the Career Services office, E334 Student Union. The telephone number is (937) 775-2556.

In the event of an unavoidable delay or emergency on the day of the interview, candidates should contact the office and notify the front desk of their situation.

There is a penalty for missing an interview.


Students and alumni who require accommodations to participate in the On-Campus Interview program should contact Career Services a minimum of three days in advance of their scheduled interview.

Our On-Campus Interview program grows as employers' needs grow.

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