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Learn about offers, contracts, & hiring dates

  • You are under no obligation to immediately accept or reject an offer made to you.
    You are encouraged to take time to consider an offer, gather information, determine the employer's need-to-know timeline, and respond accordingly. There may be other opportunities you wish to pursue.
  • Ask questions to clarify the details of a job offer.
    Make sure you understand the language and the time frame. Know your rights and responsibilities.
  • Consult an expert.
    Review the contract before signing. If you need help, you can make an appointment with Student Legal Services at 775-5857. This is available to current students who have paid the Student Legal Services fee.
  • Signing a letter of intent is a legally binding agreement.
    You will be obligated to follow through on any teaching assignment for which you sign a letter of intent. After you sign a letter of intent, your job search should stop and you should inform any inquiring school district that you have signed a letter of intent with another district.
  • Signing a contract is a legally binding agreement for employment.
    Once you have signed the contract, you are legally committed to working as a teacher in that district for the agreed time frame. Your job search should stop and you should inform any inquiring school district that you have signed a contract with another district.
  • If you sign either a letter of intent or a contract, deactivate your name on The Wright Search.
  • Stay active on The Wright Search!
    Teaching opportunities are posted every month, often through October. Stay active in The Wright Search.
Important Timeline Information

Some important dates to know in the teaching opportunity timeline:

  1. Continuing contracts are typically offered to currently employed teachers in February and March.
  2. Districts have a better idea of their remaining needs in April.
  3. In mid-July, currently employed teachers must notify districts of their intention not to return.

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