The following are examples, and depending on your unique experiences, your résumé may not have every element listed in these examples, or you may have more.

Education Section

The proper title of your degree and major, expected date of graduation, Wright State University and Dayton, OH. List your most recent degree first.

Bachelor of Arts, History May 20XX
Wright State University Dayton, OH

Master of Science in Biology May 2014
Bachelor of Science in Biology May 2012
Wright State University Dayton, OH

Relevant Skills, Courses, Licensures

Skills gained from courses, listed by course title, course content, course project or technical skills. Some fields have special certifications or professional exams.

Marketing Planning
Promotional Marketing
Sports Marketing
Product Marketing
Personal Selling and Sales Management
Internet Marketing
Strategic Management
Microsoft Office

Inorganic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Quantitative Analysis
Physical Chemistry
Applied Chemical Spectrometry
Calculus-based Physics
Animal Form and Function
Cell Biology and Genetics

C++ Programming
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint

Ohio AYA Integrated Science 7/20XX
Praxis - PLT and Integrated Science, passed 6/20XX


Can include work (paid or unpaid), internships, service learning, leadership roles, course projects, volunteer, clinical or field experiences. Include job title, months/years, company or organization, and city, state.

Social Media Intern, January 20XX – May 20XX
Major News Corporation, Dayton, OH

  • Updated Twitter account up to 8 times daily to inform online community of news and events
  • Maintained the organization’s Facebook page by posting site content, responding to Fan comments, and promoting the page through Facebook and Twitter
  • Researched trends in social media use for new media and traditional newspapers
  • Increased the number of followers on each social media platform by 13% through crosspromotion
  • Shadowed administrative staff to learn about managing a major newspaper

Project Experience
Incline Plane Railway System, Fall 20XX

  • Developed original design ideas for an incline-railway control system
  • Researched practicality and cost effectiveness of each design
  • Drew 3-D models of design and individual parts using Auto-CAD and Solid Edge

Tips for Writing Better Bullet Point Statements

Bullet point statements pack power into your resume.

Provide your potential employer a picture of how you will perform on their team. Craft bullet point statements to showcase your experience that will transfer to the position you are seeking.

Show How You Performed:

  1. Describe how you completed tasks and the skills you developed as a result.
  2. Don’t begin a bullet point statement with “Responsible for” or “Duties performed” as these do not convey what you did to accomplish these tasks.
  3. Use keywords and exciting details that capture attention. You can think of your bullet point statements as similar to newspaper headlines. A well written headline encourages you to read the entire article.
  4. Always be truthful.
  5. Quantify your end result when possible. For example, if you changed something, use percentages, numbers, or dollar amounts.  Did you increased scores? Show the difference in numbers. Did you work with a team of people? Tell how many. Did you convert prospects to sales? How many and how much money?

Format Bullet Statements:

Be brief.

  • Format 1: strong action verb / description of the activity or skill / end result or accomplishment
  • Format 2: Strong action verb / description of the activity or skill / reason or purpose

Make Statements Clear, Concise, and Correct.

  1. Proof your spelling and your grammar.
  2. Eliminate personal pronouns and conjunctions.
  3. Edit statements to get your point across with as few words as needed. Every word must have meaning.
  4. Does the statement clearly and completely describe the scope of your accomplishment in a line or two? If the answer is yes, you are finished. If not, you've got more work to do.

The following table demonstrates bullet point statements before and after revision:

Statement before editing Statement after editing
Bullet Points Before & After Editing
Responsible for campers Coordinated activities and fieldtrips for 30 children ages 6 – 12 to improve camp morale
Operated cash register Provided prompt and friendly service to patrons averaging $1000 in daily sales
Met sales goals Achieved highest annual sales in department, totaling $25,000 gross compared to $19,000 average
Responsible for programming Organized 4 monthly educational and social programs for 40 residential students with a 50% participation rate
Got students to join organization Persuaded students through in-class presentations to join campus organization, resulting in 7 new members

Still struggling with writing effective bullet point statements? Schedule an appointment with a Career Center advisor, (937) 775-2556.

Sample Resumes

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