In the video player, CareerSpots are organized by category and subcategory - but the Career Center recommends picking by title.

  • Your Experiences: Benefits of Summer Internships, Extracurricular Advantages, Get Involved--Student Clubs and Orgs, International Experience.
  • Your Preparation: Be SMART on Social Media, Do Your Homework!, TAILOR Resumes and Cover Letters.
  • Resumes & Cover Letters: Keyword Search Matters, The Cover Letter.
  • Your Internship/Co-op: Keep Communication Professional.
  • Networking & Your Personal Brand: Your INFOmercial.
  • Your Search: Make Career Fairs Count.
  • BEFORE the Interview: 7 Tips for Researching Companies, Mock Interviews, Strong References.
  • DURING the Interview: Top 10 Interview Mistakes, Online Video Interviews.
  • AFTER the Interview: Art of Saying THANK YOU.
  • Salary & Negotiation: The Salary Question, Negotiating an Offer.

Videos from CareerSpots have a Closed Caption option, activated by a button on the linked page.

Once you travel to the CareerSpots linked page, select the CC button (located beneath the video screen next to the Full Screen option).

Once the CC button is selected, the captions appear on the lower portion of the screen.

If the CC button is selected again, the captions disappear.