July 15 through July 24, 2015: Students review job postings online in the Career Center database; postings are for Fall Semester start dates.

Student employee working at her desk in Career Services.Student Employment (SE) Virtual Job Fair is an online event held during summer to connect Wright State University on-campus employers who need student employees beginning Fall 2015, with students who are available and eligible to work in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Event Overview

  • Convenient, internet-based, electronic service.
  • Employers post jobs in the Career Center database.
  • Jobs are posted for the designated time period.
  • Job seekers review opportunities in the Career Center database and connect with employers by accurately following the instructions in the job posting.
  • The selection process may include interviews by phone or on-campus.

Info for SE Job Candidates

1. Know what jobs to look for:

For the Student Employment (SE) Virtual Job Fair,:

Search the Career Center database as a Guest User, looking for jobs labeled:

  • SE - OnCampus-WorkStudy
  • SE - OnCampus-Regular

The SE Virtual Job Fair is a time-limited event.
As they open, other jobs are posted year-round in the Career Center database, including Off Campus positions.

Am I eligible to work in a Student Employment job?

Beginning with the first year at Wright State and continuing through graduate school, all students are eligible for on-campus employment paid through departmental funds, which TheCareer Center calls Regular Student Employment.

Positions funded in part by federal Work-Study Awards are available for students who have been awarded and who have accepted Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package. These jobs are called Work-Study Student Employment.

2. Review the Student Employment Manual

  1. Follow the Job Seekers link to the Career Center database.
  2. Select student employment job postings.
  3. Log in as a Guest User: user name is: guest; password is: raider1
  4. In the Career Center database , select the Jobs pull-down menu in the toolbar.
  5. In the search selection box for Position Type, you may select one or both types of On-Campus job postings:
    SE - OnCampus Regular (all students are eligible)
    SE - OnCampus WorkStudy (only students with federal Work Study financial aid award are eligible).
  6. To simultaneously search both types of job postings, use the Control key while selecting all of the options you want to search.
  7. Once you have selected the desired position types, select the Search option to generate your list.
  8. To review a detailed description and application instructions for a specific job, select the link represented by the Job ID and Job Title.
  9. Follow the Application Instructions found within the job posting. Employers judge your ability to follow directions by how well you follow the application instructions.

Use the Career Center database

  1. All supervisors who want to participate in the Student Employment Virtual Job Fair should set the job post date as July 15, when entering the job in the Career Center database.
    How to post a job in the Career Center database
  2. Student Employment job postings tagged with a post date of July 15 will become visible to students in the Career Center database beginning the first day of the Virtual Job Fair, July 15.
  3. Students review employment opportunities July 15 through July 24.  They are advised to follow your directions, as described in the job posting, for submitting application materials to you.
  4. You will have an early opportunity to review and select candidates for Fall Semester employment.
  5. When you have selected candidates for hire, work with each student to ensure the appropriate Student Employment forms are completed and signed
  6. Before they begin working, send the students to Student Employment with their completed forms, for processing the paperwork.  Students are not eligible to work until their paperwork has been processed.
  7. You will have early opportunity to conduct training prior to the start of Fall Semester.

If you have questions please contact the Wright State University Career Center, 937-775-2556