Within our own co-op and internship program, Career Services recommends some best practices, in order to facilitate a smooth co-op and internship process for both employers and students.

Offer Letter

To prevent misunderstandings regarding a job offer, we suggest that employers provide an offer letter on company letterhead to the student, outlining the hours per week, start and end date, compensation and including the name, title, contact information (name, title, division, email, area code and phone, mailing address) of the direct, on-site supervisor.

Workplace Orientation

To ensure that both the supervisor and the student begin the co-op or internship with a common understanding, we encourage employers to provide a training period that familiarizes the student with the job duties, the work facilities, the other members of the work team, as well as the policies and procedures of the organization.  During this time, the supervisor may assess the student’s preliminary performance.

Workplace Policies

As employees of the organization, students in co-op and internship positions are expected to comply with the organization’s policies and procedures.

Career Services suggests the employer provide policy and procedure information to the student during a training period at the beginning of the co-op or internship experience.

Direct Supervision

Career Services requests that employers participating in the co-op and internship program provide the student with direct supervision.

The co-op or internship assignment should occur in a location where the student and supervisor have access to and interaction with each other.

End of Term Evaluation

Career Services requires an end-of-term performance evaluation for each student, to be completed by their direct supervisor.

The performance evaluation is an electronic document, completed online.

Approximately two weeks prior to the end of the term, each supervisor–of-record receives a performance evaluation request via email, with a link to the evaluation tool.

The student’s grade cannot be finalized until the performance evaluation has been completed.

In the Unlikely Event of Termination

Supervisors are asked to notify Career Services immediately if there is a change in status for a co-op or internship student.

Students who experience a change in status are expected to contact Career Services immediately, notify the office of the change, and schedule an appointment with their Career Services liaison.

During the co-op or internship, if a student experiences a disciplinary action or has questions about their experience, they may call Career Services for advising.

We are members of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) which benchmarks best practices for employers.

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Additionally, consistent with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the U.S. Department of Labor has identified standards distinguishing paid and unpaid internships.

Review standards from the Department of Labor »