Students who have a paid co-op or internship, who register for an internship course, may be eligible for a scholarship if employed by a JobsOhio employer.

Scholarships are funded through Ohio Means Internships and Co-ops (OMIC).

OMIC Scholarship Application

Questions and Answers

What is the application process?

  1. You must already have a paid internship with a JobsOhio employer to apply for the scholarship.
    See additional eligibility guidelines and limitations in the "How much is the scholarship?" section.
  2. Employment with government agencies does not qualify, but employment with contractors to government agencies may qualify.
  3. Identify the employer's NAICS code.
    Ask the employer's Human Resources department for their NAICS code.
    If the employer-provided NAICS code does not appear on the JobsOhio list, but the activity of the employer seems to fit a code that is on the JobsOhio list, then submit the application for special consideration.
    JobsOhio NAICS codes and categories
  4. Follow the process outlined by your college and program to enroll in a for-credit internship course, or Career Services guidelines for non-credit option.
  5. Complete the OMIC Scholarship Application
  6. Submit the completed application form as an atttachment via email to or bring a paper copy to Mandie Kollman in Career Services, E334 Student Union.
  7. A new application must be completed for each term of eligibility.
  8. Career Services will consult with the Bursar and Registrar to determine the applicable per-credit hour fees (various rates apply based on individual student demographics). Career Services will forward applications to the scholarship reviewer.
  9. The scholarship reviewer will verify the employer NAICS code, evaluate the applications for eligibility, and determine scholarship awards.

How long will the award process take?

The process may take two to three weeks.

Do I need to be registered for a class?


You must be registered for a for-credit internship course, or the non-credit CPE internship course through Career Services.

How much is the scholarship?

In cases of for-credit course enrollment, scholarship awards will be based on the student's individual per-credit-hour rate.
For students who enroll only in for-credit internship courses that fulfill degree requirements, maximum lifetime eligibility for OMIC Scholarship is limited to 3 credit hours.

In cases of non-credit CPE course enrollment, scholarship awards will be in the one-time amount of $500.
For students who enroll in only a non-credit CPE internship course, maximum lifetime eligibility for OMIC Scholarship is limited to one non-credit course.
For students who first enroll in a non-credit CPE course and receive a scholarship, then enroll during another term  in a for-credit internship course, maximum eligibility for OMIC Scholarship for the for-credit internship course will be calculated on the fees for course credit hours (up to 3 credit hours) minus the amount of the previously awarded OMIC Scholarship of $500.

Who do I contact with other questions?

Send email to

Or contact Mandie Kollman in Career Services, at 937.775.2556.