We help students and alumni develop career and life planning skills, acquire experience, master job search strategies, and seek rewarding employment

We facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between employers, faculty and staff, students and alumni in order to meet the dynamic needs of today's workplace.


Cheryl Stuart, Director, cheryl.stuart@wright.edu

Kim Gilliam, Associate Director, kim.gilliam@wright.edu

Debra Wilburn, Associate Director, debra.wilburn@wright.edu

Carleen Beckermann, Assistant Director, carleen.beckermann@wright.edu

Lisa Duke, Assistant Director, lisa.duke@wright.edu

Dalila Bennett, Career Advisor, dalila.bennett@wright.edu

Kelly Jenkins, Career Advisor, kelly.jenkins@wright.edu

Teri Stebbins, Career Advisor, teresa.stebbins@wright.edu

Cathy Dalton, Student Services Coordinator, catherine.dalton@wright.edu

Barbara Halabi, Student Services Coordinator, barbara.halabi@wright.edu

Connie Nunamaker, Student Services Coordinator, connie.nunamaker@wright.edu

Carly Porter, Student Services Coordinator, carly.porter@wright.edu

Skip Rinehart, Student Services Coordinator, skip.rinehart@wright.edu

Charene Thornton, Student Services Coordinator, charene.thornton@wright.edu