Access to part-time student employment jobs, co-op, internship and career positions; on-campus interview opportunities; and event registration, including career fairs and workshops.

Do you qualify?

The Wright Search is a networking database for Wright State University students and alumni whose transcript indicates they have earned credit hours.

Students who have not earned credit at Wright State; those who are temporary student guests at the university; and those who are not degree-seeking may not have access to a full profile in The Wright Search. 

Students not yet eligible for a full profile but who are eligible for student employment, use the Student Employment Job Postings access button.

If you qualify, create your full profile in The Wright Search online database:

  • At first, as an entry-level Applicant Type of Access Limited - no resume uploaded, you'll be able to review job postings for part-time student employment on and off campus.
  • To enhance your access beyond student employment jobs, Step 1) upload a résumé for review and approval by Career Services; Step 2) change your Applicant Type for access to all job postings you want to see, and for which you want to be considered.

Step-by-step guide to getting started with a full profile in The Wright Search:

  1. Log in to complete your profile.
  2. Your default Applicant Type = Access limited - no résumé uploaded
    You may view Student Employment job postings and view career events without uploading a résumé.
  3. Follow the link inside your account to review Basic Résumé Requirements. Develop your résumé to include the Basic Résumé Requirements.
  4. To advance to full access, upload your résumé for review.
    A Career Services professional will provide feedback on your résumé.
    For full access to The Wright Search, review of your résumé must earn approval by a Career Services professional.
    Résumés are typically reviewed within three business days.
    Your account status in The Wright Search will reflect "Resume Approved" or "Needs Revision."
    Check your email for "Needs Revision" details and upload your revised résumé to replace the old version.
    (Résumé review feedback will be sent to your preferred email account, as listed in The Wright Search.)
  5. Once you complete all résumé revisions and your résumé is approved,
    your Applicant Type will be changed to "Applicant type not selected."
    With this status, you may view Student Employment job postings and view career events.
  6. To gain full access to The Wright Search, choose your Applicant Type(s)
    (select all that apply to your job search):
    • Seeking career
    • Seeking co-op/internship
    • Seeking part-time Student Employment
  7. Do you want employers to see your résumé?
    Select Allow Employer Viewing = Yes or No
  8. For all account holders, Allow Employer Viewing is reset to No on July 31, November 30, and March 31.
    Reset Allow Employer Viewing to Yes, review and update your profile, update and reload your resume three times each year to keep it available to employers.
    Renew your account in this way three times per year, on or after August 1, December 1, and April 1.
  9. Regularly check your referral activity (employers who have looked at your résumé).
  10. Review job postings (you'll have access to job postings based on your Applicant Type).
  11. Create automated emails to alerts based on your search of job postings.
    Automated emails will notify you if new jobs are posted that meet your search criteria.
  12. Review and sign up for interview opportunities (Schedules) that happen right here on campus.
  13. Search employers in The Wright Search directory.
  14. Register for events that help your job search: career fairs, information sessions, networking events.
    See listings for events that don't require registration - like the Career Services weekly Wednesday Workshops on résumé development and Fourth Friday Workshops on special topics!