Career Exploration & Decision-Making Online Resources

The following resources are available for instructors to access and use when introducing students to career exploration, career decision-making and the Career Center. The web address will be e-mailed to you and posted at

Career Center Introduction is posted in iTunes U Guest Login

This presentation can be shown in class or assigned to students as homework.

The One-Stop Shop overview highlights the four functional areas of Career Center that are further explained in the iTunes presentation.

Collegiate Etiquette Podcasts at iTunes U Guest Login

These 13 Collegiate Etiquette podcasts were developed by DTN Productions. They are two to five minutes in length and can be used to introduce a topic for discussion. Remember to use the Guest Login button to access the Career Center resources.

Facilitator Guide for Holland Party Exercise and Holland Personality Types

The Facilitator Guide provides instructions for conducting an in-class Holland Party. The Party introduces students to John Holland’s theory of career choice and the concept of choosing majors and careers based on interests.


TypeFocus is an online, interactive program include inventories, facts about majors and occupations, and relate personal preferences to the world of work.

When assigning TypeFocus as homework, you will need to provide them an access code identifying them as Wright State students. The access code for UVC students is wsu778.

Career Decision-Making Stair Step Process

The Stair Step Process introduces and describes the five major steps to selecting a career and/or major and can be used to demystify the career decision making process for students.