Scholarships FAQs

  • If I Apply For The Scholarship, Am I Obligated To The Air Force or Space Force In Any Way?

    No. Applying for an Air Force ROTC scholarship does not obligate you in any way. Four-year scholarship recipients do not incur any obligation until the start of their sophomore year in college.

  • Can I Withdraw My Application?

    Yes. You may withdraw your application at any time by emailing, sending a fax to 334-953-4384 or writing to the High School Scholarship Program at HQ AFROTC/RRUC, 551 E. Maxwell Blvd., Maxwell AFB AL 36112-5917.

  • Can I Apply For Other Officer Training Programs And Military Scholarships?

    Yes. You may apply for any other officer training program and even receive scholarship offers from more than one service. However, once you enroll in another program, you will be removed from further Air Force ROTC scholarship competition. Notify the College Scholarships Selections Section immediately if you accept and enroll in another program.

  • If I Choose To Leave One Of The Other Officer Training Programs, Can I Still Apply For An In-College Air Force ROTC Scholarship?

    Yes. You may apply for one of the Air Force ROTC scholarships of less than four years if a waiver is granted.

  • How Do I Check On The Status Of My Scholarship Application?
    • Go Online to check the status of your application.
    • Call 866-423-7682 and speak with a scholarship technician.
    • Contact your Regional Director Of Admissions.

    Immediately notify the High School Scholarship Program in writing or email if your name, current mailing address, social security number, telephone number or email address changes during the application process.

  • When And How Will I Be Notified If I Have Been Offered A Scholarship?

    If offered an Air Force ROTC scholarship, you will be notified in writing after the scholarship selection boards meet.

  • If I Am Offered A Scholarship, How Will It Be Presented?

    Normally, an Air Force or Space Force officer will come to your school and present the scholarship during your school's annual awards day at the end of the year. Even if you choose not to accept the scholarship offer, you can still have it presented at your school. Although you can choose not to have the scholarship presented, you deserve to be recognized for your accomplishments.

  • What Kind Of Scholarships Does Air Force ROTC Offer?

    We offer three types and two lengths in our High School Scholarship Program. Our scholarships are offered in either four-year or three-year lengths. Our four-year scholarships are activated in the fall of the freshman year while our three-year scholarships are activated in the fall of the sophomore year.

    Our three types of scholarships are:

    • Type 1 - Pays full college tuition, most lab fees and $900/year for books. Approximately 5% of our four-year scholarship winners will be offered a Type-1 scholarship (mostly in designated technical majors).
    • Type 2 - Pays college tuition and most lab fees up to $18,000 and pays $900/year for books. Approximately 10% of our four-year scholarship winners will be offered a Type-2 scholarship (mostly in technical fields). If a student attends an institution where the tuition exceeds $18,000, then he/she pays the difference. All three-year scholarships are Type 2.
    • Type 7 - Pays college tuition up to the equivalent of the in-state rate and $900 per year for books.

    Air Force ROTC scholarships are not activated until the student enlists in the Obligated Reserve Section of the Air Force Reserve, signs a contract and passes the medical, moral, fitness and physical qualifications for enlistment and contracting. Scholarship benefits are not payable until 45 days after the start of the fall term.

    Upon activation, all scholarship cadets receive a nontaxable monthly allowance (stipend) during the academic year. Currently, the monthly stipend is $300 for freshmen, $350 for sophomores, $450 for juniors and $500 for seniors.

    Air Force ROTC scholarships cannot pay for room and board.

  • What Majors Are Eligible For This Program?

    Air Force ROTC offers scholarships in academic majors needed to meet the needs of the Air Force and Space Force. This includes both technical majors and nontechnical majors. We strongly urge you to carefully consider the choices you list for an academic major on this application. You may list up to three majors, but you should only list those you will be willing to pursue. You should also ensure the major you want to pursue is offered by the school you want to attend.

    Special considerations for prospective engineering or science/technical majors: For prospective engineering or science/technical majors, you must determine if your major is approved for an Air Force ROTC scholarship at the school you want to attend.

    Special consideration for prospective foreign language majors: For prospective foreign language majors, you should list a major in one of the foreign language scholarships.

  • How Do We Award Scholarships Based On Majors?

    We plan to award the majority of scholarships to students pursuing targeted High School Scholarship Program technical majors and foreign languages. For a complete list please click here:

    Please note: Only a small number of scholarships will be awarded for students pursuing nontechnical majors.

  • What Were The Average Scores For All AFROTC Scholarship Recipients For 2011?
    Scholarship Types
    Data Type 1 Type 2 Type 7
    SAT 1464.00 1327.92 123.09
    ACT 31.75 30.69 27.72
    GPA 3.88 3.88 3.77


  • What Are The Weight And Fitness Standards?

    To apply for the scholarship, you must complete the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). For instructions, refer to the website where you apply online.

    If you are offered a scholarship, you must meet the Air Force Weight Standards prior to activating the scholarship.

    If you are offered a scholarship, you must also meet the Air Force Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Standards prior to activating the scholarship. You must perform this test within a few days of starting college your freshman year.

  • What Are The Vision Standards?

    The refractive error in each eye cannot exceed +/- 8.00 diopters. Also, both eyes must be free of any disfiguring or incapacitating abnormality and acute or chronic disease. A history of corneal surgical procedures such as radial keratotomy (RK), even if refractive error improves, disqualifies you for Air Force ROTC. EXCEPTION: A history of photo refractive keratectomy (PRK) does not automatically disqualify you from entry; however, certain criteria must be met before being medically certified. Adequate color vision is a prerequisite to entry into many Air Force specialties.

  • Will I Need To Take A Medical Exam?

    If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be scheduled to complete a medical examination. Scholarship winners and their parents are advised that NO SCHOLARSHIP WILL BE ACTIVATED UNTIL THE INDIVIDUAL IS MEDICALLY QUALIFIED FOR A COMMISSION. The process is lengthy and may involve several months of processing and correspondence.

    The Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB) is the medical certification agency for Air Force ROTC scholarships. Scholarship winners will be scheduled for an examination by DODMERB and DODMERB will determine whether or not the individual is medically qualified for a commission. If you are found to be medically disqualified, but believe there are extenuating circumstances that justify consideration of a waiver of our medical standards, you should follow the DODMERB instructions (with the notification letter) regarding rebuttals and waiver processing. In such cases, DODMERB will discuss your case with AETC/SGPS, the medical waiver authority, to determine if a waiver to the standards is feasible. The final decision is based on the nature of your condition or defect and specific medical parameters and protocols that have been established.

    For those selected to receive a scholarship, DODMERB will send you complete instructions. If you cannot meet the scheduled date, request another date. As a candidate, you are responsible for all costs of travel, food and lodging related to the medical examination and personal interview. If you wear hard contact lenses, remove them a minimum of 21 days before the examination; remove soft lenses 72 hours before the examination.

    Once you have been scheduled for an examination, if you have a medical question, DODMERB is your only official source of information.

  • Does An Air Force ROTC Scholarship Pay For Room And Board?

    No. Air Force ROTC scholarships do not pay for room and board. However, many colleges and universities offer subsidies to Air Force ROTC students on scholarship that can cover room and board.

  • Is It Possible For Me To Change My Academic Major If On Scholarship?

    Yes, but this is a complex process and should be attempted only after you have given it much thought. Depending on your current major and your proposed major, you may lose your scholarship benefits. Call the detachment you will be attending for details and procedures.

  • What Are The Requirements If I Were To Receive A Scholarship In One Of The Foreign Languages Listed?

    You must obtain a BA or BS in the specific foreign language major.