College Life FAQs

  • Will My Child Have To Cut His/Her Hair?

    Hair must be kept in accordance with Air Force guidelines when in uniform.

  • Do Cadets Have To Wear A Uniform To Class Every Day?

    No. Cadets are only required to wear their uniform to their Air Force ROTC classes and on Leadership Lab day once a week. Occasionally, during special events, they may be required to wear their uniform.

  • How Much Time Will My Child Have To Spend With Air Force ROTC Each Week?

    The only required time is during your Air Force ROTC classes, Leadership Lab and physical fitness training. (This equates to approximately four hours per week for freshmen and sophomores; six hours per week for juniors and seniors.)

  • How Are New Cadets Treated?

    Very well. Many detachments assign cadet sponsors to new students. They can help students find classes, get textbooks, learn to wear the uniform correctly, meet other cadets and learn basic customs and courtesies. It is also the responsibility of the cadet's flight commander to help new cadets fit into the program. Many detachments also have tutoring programs and other forms of assistance. Hazing is not permitted! You will find the cadet staff and detachment staff are concerned about your child’s well-being and progress.

  • How Much Marching And Drilling Will Cadets Have To Do?

    Not as much as you may think. Marching/drill is sometimes practiced during squadron time at Leadership Laboratory. There are no mandatory drill sessions outside of LLAB.

  • When Will Cadets Receive Their Air Force ROTC Uniform?

    Within the first couple of class periods, we will issue cadets a complete uniform and tell them how to arrange for having alterations completed (at no cost to them). However, they are responsible for keeping the uniform clean and presentable.

  • Will My Child Be Expected To Participate In Any Extracurricular Activities?

    Their first and foremost concern is attending classes and maintaining good grades. After this, they will certainly want to examine some of the various activities sponsored by both their university and Air Force ROTC. There is something in our program of interest to everyone.

  • Can My Child Participate In Intercollegiate Athletics While A Member Of The Air Force ROTC Program?

    Yes. Generally, extracurricular campus activities and Air Force ROTC are perfectly compatible – as long as they do not overload with extracurricular activities. A serious physical injury while participating in intercollegiate or intramural athletic activities may cause them to be un-enrolled from Air Force ROTC because of a change in their physical profile.