Required Paperwork

The following documents and information must be in PDF format in readiness for New Student Orientation Program (NSOP). If you are unable to attend NSOP, you must email before NSOP giving the reason for your scheduling conflict. You will then be contacted by Det 643. If you have any questions please call the Detachment at 937-775-2730.

All documents (except form 28) are to be dated/signed 18Aug20 during NSOP.

Completed forms are then saved in correct format (see below) and in PDF format before uploading to application on AF Wings or emailed to Det 643.

Download a copy of the Required Documents checklist (PDF).


Prior to attending the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP):

  1. Complete the AFROTC online admissions process via the Holm Center Wings portal.
  2. Complete all documents listed below.

Important Notes:

  • Some of the documents listed below may not open properly within your browser window, due to settings within those files. If you receive a "Please wait..." message when trying to open a file, follow these steps:
    • Right-click on the link, and choose the option to save the file or link. This will allow you to download the document to your computer.
    • Open the document using Adobe Acrobat reader, not your internet browser.
  • Do not sign or date forms marked with an asterisk (*)
  • If under 18 years old, a parent, guardian, or notary must sign documents 2, 5, and 6.
  • When saving one of the following documents in preparation for submission, please follow this naming convention:
    • File Name: Form Name + Your Name (Example: DD Form 9_Stark, T.)

Required Documents

  2. DDRP MOU, Drug Testing Policy-Drug Demand Reduction Program Memo of Understanding (PDF) *
  3. DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data (PDF) *
  4. DD Form 2005, Privacy Act Statement/Health Care Records (PDF)
  5. Mail Access Authorization Release (PDF) *
  6. Request for Release of Student Records (PDF) *
  7. Form 2030, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate (PDF) *
  8. Form 35, Civil Involvements (PDF) *
    1. You must schedule an appointment with Lt Col Stoffa to report any added involvements and provide supporting documentation.
  9. DD Form 2983, Recruit/Trainee Prohibited Activities Acknowledgment (PDF)

Other Documents (If Applicable)

  • Notary Release Form (PDF) (NEW)
    • Deadline: by NSOP
    • Notary is to verify your signature on all supporting documents
    • Once verified, have the notary sign the attached release form
    • To be notarized  – All documents requiring your signature are to be signed in front of Notary and then signed off by them on single page (see attached):  supporting documents 
      • Birth certificate
      • Consular Report of Birth Abroad certificate and birth certificate (only if born abroad)
      • Social Security Card signed
      • Passport (if applicable)
  • Unofficial College Transcripts (if applicable)
  • SAT and/or ACT scores from website or high school transcript
  • Award Certificates (JROTC, Eagle Scout, CAP)
  • Original birth certificate or citizenship papers/passport
  • Original Signed Social Security card
  • Selective Service Letter or Card (for males only)

If You Have Dependents

If You Are Prior or Current Enlisted

Required Equipment

You will need a computer, printing or scanning capabilities, and a Zoom account for the Q&A portion of NSOP when given virtually.