Frequently Asked Questions

Is NSOP mandatory?

NSOP is optional but highly recommended. NSOP is a great way to jump-start your ROTC career and meet Cadre, current cadets, and peers. Cadets who participated in the program from years past have highly recommended the experience. NSOP should not interfere with orientations to your academic college, but if at any time they do, your academics take priority.

Where is the detachment located?

Our Detachment office is located on the 1st Floor, Room 118 of Millett Hall at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

What do I wear when I arrive at NSOP?

New cadets can arrive wearing khaki pants (preferably pleated, not cargos) and a polo or button-down shirt – Business Casual.

What will I be learning at NSOP?

We will be giving you a condensed crash course of critical knowledge, skills, discipline, and professionalism you will need to begin a successful career as a student and cadet here.

What is the difference between Cadre and the NSOP staff?

Cadre are the active-duty officers and non-commissioned officers who teach our leadership and airpower classes and oversee the ROTC operations and administrative business. NSOP staff are current cadets who actually run the orientation program and are there for your benefit.

Do I need the original copy of my birth certificate?

Yes. Copies will NOT be accepted. Remember to also bring your social security card and selective service card for males.

Where can I get a selective service card? (Males Only)

You may register online here:

Where can I find the standards for the physical fitness assessment?

Physical Fitness Assessment Standards

If I have a DODMERB completed do I still need a sports physical?

No, a DODMERB overrides a sports physical. If you have a DODMERB completed you do not need an additional sports physical.

If I have had a sports physical completed within the past year do I need to get another one?

If your doctor feels comfortable signing off on your sports physical because he has performed one within the past year, and there has been no significant injury or change in health status since then, you may have your doctor sign off so that you do not have to pay for another one.

Should I have my sports physical completed before attending NSOP?

Yes, if possible. Participation in PT is prohibited until a sports physical is completed. Find the link to the sports physical on the Preparation page.

If I have any other questions and want to speak directly to a current cadet who can I contact?

AFLT, 643rd AFROTC Cadet Wing