Undergraduate Admissions



Springboro, Ohio


Undecided, leaning toward accountancy or engineering

Why Wright State

My dad, stepmom, and aunts all attended Wright State, so it's kind of a family tradition. 

Your wright State Campus Visit experience

Before deciding to attend Wright State I did a campus tour. The tour guide was a current student and she took the time to visit both of the academic colleges that I'm considering for my major. The campus was much bigger and more modern than I expected. I was definitely impressed. 

becoming a wright state student

I'm looking forward to more freedom and choices to really explore what I want to do. I also like the campus itself. Starbucks on one end in the Library and a nice looking gym on the other side in the Student Union, it's a nice setup.


Where did you hang out last night/weekend?
Piada for dinner and Tropical Smoothie for dessert.

What's on your playlist right now?
A better question...what isn't on my playlist?

Dream job…where would it be and what would you be doing?
Not in a big city. Hopefully doing something that makes me happy and allows me to make a living.

What is your favorite tv show to binge watch?
Always looking for something new, so whatever catches my attention.

If you are going to drop $20 at the movies, what are you going to see?
Either an action movie or whatever my girlfriend chooses.

What is your favorite place to go off-campus? What is your favorite spot around the Dayton area?
The Air Force Museum is pretty cool, and it's close to campus.