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[OFFICIAL-L] Developing a comprehensive online learning strategy

To the Campus Community,

The past year has brought a more refined focus and attention both to faculty development and to online learning. Our experiences in these areas have highlighted some previously unrealized strengths, as well as identified opportunities that hold the potential to markedly improve our delivery of remote learning and to enhance our ability to serve students.

I believe most of you are aware that Dr. Lisa Kenyon, faculty director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, is leaving Wright State for a new opportunity. As a result of Dr. Kenyon’s departure, the Center for Teaching and Learning will be positioned to continue with an expanded and enriched focus on faculty development. The process for seeking a new faculty director is underway, and President Edwards has asked me to move as quickly as possible to bring that process to closure shortly after the return of the faculty in the fall.

Simultaneously, I am announcing a new strategic initiative focused on enhancing and growing our platform supporting remote delivery of instruction. While online education is certainly not a new idea for Wright State, the challenges Wright State has faced over the past year have added new perspectives and dimensions to online education and created a sense of urgency to expand and enrich our online opportunities. We will leverage those opportunities—supported in part by the availability of federal funding—to enhance the breadth and quality of our remote delivery capabilities. This initiative will include the development and implementation of a comprehensive e-learning strategy for the university, as well as the production of best-in-class online courses and programs for our students and community partners.

Many of you know that Dr. Sean Pollock, associate professor of history, has been involved in online learning for many years, and I am pleased to announce that he has been tapped to direct this new online learning initiative. In developing a comprehensive e-learning strategy for the institution, Dr. Pollock will work closely with academic and administrative units across the university and will build new partnerships with stakeholders throughout the region to ensure that Wright State is well positioned to grow enrollment and strengthen retention efforts through online courses and programs.

Oliver H. Evans, Ph.D.
Interim Provost