July 10, 2019 - From the President's Desk

Dear Campus Community,

One of the themes that emerged during our strategic planning process was the desire for Wright State University community members to engage in meaningful community service. This is not surprising. The importance of service to the community is part of our university's mission and is ingrained in our culture. Time and again, you have stepped up to help your neighbors and those in need.

I am excited to announce the university will formally support a day of service on Friday, July 19. Treating it as a pilot project, we hope to learn from this experience and grow it in the coming years.

Our first We Serve U Day will provide our employees and students with the opportunity to spend half of the workday helping others in our community‚ÄĒwithout using leave time. We Serve U Day provides Wright State employees and students an opportunity to collectively give back in one coordinated effort.

Volunteer opportunities are available at the Dayton Food Bank, Hannah's Treasure Chest, and Five Rivers MetroParks, as well as with Wright State's We Serve U and the new Raid Our Closet clothing service. I encourage you to sign up for either a morning or afternoon shift with any of these organizations. Participants should coordinate the time they will be out of the office with their supervisors and remember to wear their Wright State green and gold.

Volunteers should register online. You will also find details about each volunteer opportunity, including duties and tasks, on the registration webpage. Employees will need approval from their supervisor and will be required to sign in at the selected service event. Supervisors are encouraged to allow employees to participate. Subsequent to this, hourly employees will fill in normal hours of work on their time sheet. Please note that no hours involved should place one in an overtime status. Schedules should be adjusted with supervisory input to avoid additional costs.

If you have questions about We Serve U Day, please contact co-chairs Joanie Hendricks at joanie.hendricks@wright.edu or 775-5244 or Becky Traxler at rebecca.traxler@wright.edu or 775-7032.

Based on the interest in We Serve U Day, Wright State will consider implementing a formal policy that may allow employees to volunteer for community service during workdays.

In addition to organizing the day of service, We Serve U is hosting donation drives now through July 18 for Raid Our Closet, an on-campus service that provides free professional clothing to all Wright State students, and Crayons to Classrooms, a community organization that is collecting school supplies for schools and students impacted by the Memorial Day tornadoes.

I thank you in advance for your service.
Warmest regards,

Cheryl B. Schrader, Ph.D.


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