August 16, 2017 - From the President's Desk

Dear Campus Community,
Thank you to everyone who shared their 10-year vision for Wright State University with me. It is inspiring to better understand your ideas, enthusiasm, and commitment for our university. By working together we can achieve many of your hopes and dreams. 
As you may recall, I asked you to tell me what Wright State University would look like in 10 years, after we meet our most important goals. You can still share your thoughts with me by completing the form at 
Several themes were evident in your feedback around the university's financial health, academic programs, campus life, and morale. 
Ten years from now, you hope Wright State will be financially healthy. The university will implement sound business practices, accountability measures, and a transparent budgeting process. 
In a decade, you hope our academic programs are even more robust. Through real-world experiences, our job market–ready students will be prepared to contribute to the workforce on day one and meet the needs of employers.
Our colleges, departments, and programs will collaborate across campus, disciplines, organizations, and traditional boundaries—much like the College of Liberal Arts, which requires each of its students to take a critical thinking course, or the dynamic collaborative research being conducted in the Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building. Mixing students and faculty in different disciplines will enhance the university's research capabilities as we work together to address the world's toughest problems. 
Wright State will also be known for its strong STEM disciplines and relevant, vibrant liberal arts programs. You envision that in 10 years our Lake Campus has grown into an even larger powerhouse. 
Your vision for Wright State includes enhancing and expanding campus life, making Wright State the university of choice for students. Many respondents hope to see Wright State enrich residential experiences for students, provide better recreational and dining facilities, and create more opportunities for fun on campus.
Over the next 10 years, you also hope our students, faculty, staff, and alumni feel a reinvigorated sense of pride in our university. We can do this by recognizing that our people are our biggest asset and making Wright State a happier place to live, learn, and work.
Wright State University is not alone in its challenges. Universities around the United States are engaged in conversations to address a number of pressing issues, among them: keeping tuition low while maintaining and improving quality; ensuring we meet the needs of a changing student body; finding resources to grow while trimming programs, when necessary; and increasing public trust and support for our institution.
Our challenges also present an opportunity to implement change. Understanding your dreams and visions for Wright State University will help as we work together to create a shared vision that informs a new comprehensive strategic plan.
Work on the strategic plan will begin in earnest this fall, and your input and interest will be vital to its success. So please keep sharing your hopes and dreams for our university, and let's get to work. 
Warmest regards,
Cheryl B. Schrader


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