April 8, 2019 - From the President's Desk

President shrader high fiving graduating students

Dear Campus Community,

Excellence abounds at Wright State University. Some of our excellence is newly forming, while much of it has been building through years of commitment and hard work. You will find no better example of our university's rich tradition of excellence than our Model United Nations team, which I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing in action this spring in New York City.

For the 40th year in a row our Model UN students and faculty advisors brought home top honors and are truly a model of success.

Competing with teams from 193 universities this year, the Wright State team was one of 27 schools to receive an Outstanding Delegation Award. Students on the team also garnered six Outstanding Position Paper Awards and two peer-selected Outstanding Delegate in Committee Awards.

Faculty advisors Vaughn Shannon and Liam Anderson should be proud of their team and also confident that the tradition of excellence built by their predecessors, including Professor Emeritus Donna Schlagheck, is in great care in their hands.

Not only are our Model UN students talented and well prepared, it is also clear they know how to work hard and perform under pressure. They have talent, but they also have grit, which I admire. The competition is a pressure-packed experience that Model UN alums will tell you has a formative impact on their professional and personal lives long after they have walked at commencement.

Rest assured our graduates represent Wright State very well in the Big Apple. From Broadway to the Financial District, from Juilliard to the 9/11 Memorial, I met and witnessed our alums shine. Their effervescence is inspiring others. Their competence and professionalism was impressive, and their pride in Wright State warmed my heart. And they are growing in number. Our New York City alumni network is 1,200 strong and has hundreds in Manhattan alone.

My trip to New York was a great reminder of the excellence we sow at Wright State. We see the excellence in our students and employees. We see the excellence in our partnerships and our service to others. We see the excellence as our Raiders take the stage and set the crowd ablaze.

We see it.

And we are reassured that our Wright State traditions of excellence are stronger than ever and are in good hands for years to come.

Warmest regards,
Cheryl B. Schrader


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