For the 2016-2017 school year, I (Joe Zhou) will be the organizer for the Discrete Math Seminar.
For Spring 2017, the seminar will meet every Tuesday from 12:30pm to 1:30pm at MM 224.
There will be no seminar the first week of classes, so our first meet will be Tuesday, January 17.

Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Jan 17 Terry Mckee New characterizations of Gallai's i-triangulated graphs
Jan 24 Joao Paula Costalonga A Splitter Theorem on 3-connected Matroids and Graphs
Feb 2 Joao Paula Costalonga Toroidal Boards and Code Covering
Feb 7 NA Group Lunch with our visitor Joao Paula Costalonga
Feb 14 Joe Zhou Minimally 3-connected Graphs and Matroids
Feb 21 TBA TBA
Feb 28 Spring Break Have a Wonderful Break
Mar 7 Stephen Gagola A Special Colloquium Hosted by Tony Evans
Mar 14 NA Seminar is cancelled.
Mar 21 TBA TBA

Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Sep 7 Terry Mckee Crossing Chords of Cycles in Internally 4-Connected Graphs
Sep 14 Ayse Sahin Discussions on MTH 2570
Sep 21 Yuqing Chen Matroids in semilattices
Sep 28 Joe Zhou Discussions with Ron Taylor on the discrete math class
Oct 5 NA Seminar is cancelled.
Oct 12 Joe Zhou Strong Edge-Coloring for Graphs
Oct 19 Joe Zhou Induction for 4-connected matroids and graphs
Oct 26 Joe Zhou Internal Discussions on the discrete math classes (mth 2570 and mth 4570/6570)
Nov 2 NA Seminar is cancelled
Nov 9 Ayse Sahin Extending Robinson's Aperiodic Tiling of the Plane to the Heisenberg Group I
Nov 16 Joe Zhou k-splitting families
Nov 30 NA Seminar is cancelled becuase of a retirement party
Dec 7 NA TBA