DVD Burning


 What kind of DVD do I buy?

        Depending on what kind of computer youíll be using. Buy a DVD-R if you will be using a MAC and a DVD+R for a PC.


How long will it take?

        The time it will take will depend greatly on the length of the video you are starting with. A pretty good estimate of total time would be for every one minute of video you would need one minute to import, 2-5 minutes to export, and about 5-10 minutes to burn the DVD. (Keep in mind to burn a full DVD it takes roughly 2-3 hours).


What kind of things can I put onto a DVD?

        There are a number of things you can put onto a DVD. If you just want to put files onto a DVD, you can burn a data disk (it will hold in the ballpark of 5 GB). If you want to put a movie onto a DVD to access from any DVD player, we have programs like iDVD to help you build a menu and burn a complete DVD.


Do all of your computers have DVD burners?

        The STAC can burn DVDs on all MAC computers, but have only two PC computers with the ability to burn DVDs. If you are looking to burn a DVD on a PC, look for the computers with two CD-Rom drives.


How many minutes of a movie can one DVD hold?

        It is a common misconception that all burnable DVDís can hold up to two hours of video. When a movie it rendered in Full Quality DV the DVD can only hold just under an hour of movie. Most DVDs will say that they can hold up to 120 minutes of digital video, but it is not going to be a full quality picture.  However, if you intend to have more than 60 minutes in your DVD, you will have to change the settings in iDVD before you start your project.


Can I copy from my DVD to another DVD?

        Yes, you can, but not directly. You will need to import the DVD onto one of our MAC computers into iMovie, export to a QuickTime file, and then burn a DVD using iDVD. Itís not a one step process.


Will I be able to watch my movie on my DVD player at home?

        Absolutely, but only if you burn your DVD through one of our DVD burning programs (i.e. iDVD) will you be able to.


Is this really as difficult as it sounds?

        Definitely not. The most important thing to remember is that though it may take a good amount of time, the process itself is pretty painless. A lot of your time, when in the process of burning a DVD, will be waiting for the files to import, export, and burn (which the staff in STAC will show you how to do). If you have any questions, or are just getting frustrated, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Thatís what STACís here for.