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My Background

My current employer is Wright State University and also my only college level almamater. I have had a relationship with the university since 1977. The present phase began in 1999; currently, my position is Promotionss and Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Music in the College of Liberal Arts.

I hold a B.F.A. in Art from the Department of Art and Art History awarded in 1987 and a Master of Humanities degree awarded in November of 2010.

For my master's project, I developed an Approaches to Women's Studies class (WMS 200) to be held entirely in Second Life, the 3D, virtual world. I believe that Second Life, or something like it, will be an important part of distance learning in the near future and I hope to be a part of it. Follow the Second Life and Other Virtual Worlds link in the navigation list on the left; there is a link to my area of Wright State Island set up as a class area.

My work history is varied; positions I held include:

  • negative retoucher (This shows my age; there isn't even an enty in Wikipedia! I applied graphite to black and white negatives to help enhance the image - very primtive PhotoShoping.)
  • Operations Specialist 2nd Class in the US Navy
  • photo shoot fusser (Nothing in Wikipedia - I was surprised. Someone who fusses over the details at a commercial photo shoot to insure all of the details look good. I could tell you stories...!)
  • bookkeeper
  • office manager
  • warehouse supervisor of an off-site, college bookstore warehouse
  • college bookstore manager
  • manager of a vibrational medicine manufacturing plant (yes, really)
  • secretary (This is a more meaningful job title than administrative assistant; secretary just got a bad rap.)
  • web administrator (I don't care for Webmaster; gender specific and sounds kind of kinky.)
  • event planner
  • technology coordinator (A catch-all job title for a computer generalist.)
  • graphic artist: programs, posters, broucheres

And now, just about all of those things rolled into one! Except maybe the vibrational medicine thing.