Professional Organizations

  • Bryozoan Website. A wealth of information related to recent and fossil bryozoans.
  • International Bryozoology Association. Information about the organization, its members,  publications, and meetings.
  • Ohio Biological Survey.  A corsortium of Ohio colleges, universities, museums, agencies and other organizations  producing and disseminating objective scientific and technical information about Ohio plants and animals. 
  • Thai Freshwater Bryozoology Association. The only national bryozoology website, with information about freshwater bryozoans in Southeast Asia, offered in both English and Thai.

Commercial Links

  • Bryo Technologies, LLC.   This research and consulting organization addresses bryozoan fouling issues in irrigation, wastewater, and industrial cooling systems.

Field Stations

Taxonomic Databases

  • Encyclopedia of Life. An ambitious project to build a series of websites, one for every known species.  
  • BryoZone. An Interactive Global Reference for Phylum Bryozoa, based at the Field Museum in Chicago.   

Research Tools

Museums with collections of freshwater bryozoans