The Rooney Lab
Wright State University

Department of Biological Sciences



.photo of Dr. Tom Rooney


Tom Rooney (Principal Investigator)


..holly schotman photo

Holly Schlotman (Environmental Sciences Ph.D. program)

Research interests: biodiversity dynamics in urban forests



Eric Woebbe (Biology M.S. program)

Research interests: amphibian diversity in the Amazon



Mandy Salminen (Biology M.S. program)

Research interests: avian ecology, land management and GIS


..Libby Sancomb photo

Maureen McGeean Lake (Biology B.S. program)

Research interests: raptor ecology, conservation biology



Jon Becker (Biology M.S. program)

Research interests: The impact of white-tailed deer on forest ecosystems


..student photo

Mary Westwood (Biology M.S. program)

Research interests: Epidemiology and ecology
of tick-borne diseases


  Former Rooney Lab Students and Staff:

Amy Sullivan: M.S. Spring 2015.

"Logging debris protects sugar maple (Acer saccharum) seedlings from white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) herbivory in wolf-occupied forest."

-- currently working for USGS Fort Collins Science Center researching the transmission of plague by small mammals at Badlands National Park


Libby Sancomb Roberson: M.S. Summer 2014.

"Direct and indirect effects of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) herbivory on beetle and spider assemblages in northern Wisconsin."

-- currently a Ph.D. student at Wright State University


Brittany Damron: M.S. Fall 2013.

"Opiliones biodiversity in Cusuco National Park, Honduras"

--currently a PhD student in Zoology at the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil


Danielle Begley: M.S. Summer 2013.

"Long-term effects of deer browsing on northern forest plant communities"

--currently a PhD student at The Pennsylvania State University


Alex Zelles: M.S. Summer 2012.

"Positive feedback does not occur between garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) and European Earthworms"

--currently an environmental scientist with LJB, Inc.


photo of Tamara Johnstone-Yellin

Dr. Tamara Johnstone-Yellin: Postdoc and Forest Ungulate Research Network (FURN) coordinator.

--Assistant Professor of Biology, Bridgewater College


Dr. Fakhar i Abbas: Conservation biology postdoc

-- Executive Director Bioresource Research Centre, Islamabad
-- Faculty of the Institute of Natural and Management Science (INAM), Rawalpindi


Jennifer Hays: M.S. summer 2011.

"Changes in avian community composition at Sugarcreek Metropark between 1978 and 2010"


Bambi Shafer: M.S. fall 2010.

"An assessment of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) dynamics, management, and impacts in highly fragmented landscapes"

  photo of Dr. Choate

Dr. David Choate: Postdoc and Forest Ungulate Research Network (FURN) coordinator

--Currently conducting predator-prey research at the School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada- Las Vegas.

  photo of hetal rawal

Hetal Rawal: M.S. spring 2010.

"How timing of white-tailed deer herbivory influences plant growth and reproduction"


photo of krystle bouchard

Krystle Bouchard: M.S. summer 2009.

"Finding the trophic trickle: Using herbaceous indicator species to investigate plant recovery from intense browsing by white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) after the re-colonization of a top predator (Canis lupus)"

  photo of bryan murray

Bryan Murray: M.S. summer 2009.

"Risk-sensitive foraging facilitates species-level trophic cascades among terrestrial mammals: a meta-analysis"

--Ph.D. 2013 from Michigan Tech. Currently a postdoctoral research associate at Purdue University

  photo of Dr. Millam

Dr. Kendra Millam: Lab affiliate

-- Currently an instructor (Bio 4840/6840 "Biogeography", Bio 4920 "Island Biogeography", and Bio 4920 "Spillover"), Dept. Biological Sciences

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