My teaching philosophy is founded on a passion for the sciences that has developed over a lifetime of interest in biology and education. I believe that effective educators should not only provide information but cultivate a desire to think critically and internalize overarching core biological concepts. To this end I believe educators have a responsibility to provide a clear course structure that is well planned, rigorous, and rewarding. I believe that a combination of traditional class lecture with experiential learning can unify concepts with practical application promoting a balance between academics and future career goals.Research in this lab addresses spatial and temporal population, community, and ecosystem level patterns. The primary subjects utilized in this lab include North American freshwater fish, gastropods, insects, and crayfish. This work utilizes an interdisciplinary approach combining biology, geology, and chemistry to form and test both theoretical and applied hypotheses. The primary mission of the lab is to promote the understanding, management, and conservation of aquatic resources.

I consider involvement in faculty research programs, internships, professional societies, and classroom working groups to be paramount to enhancing subject understanding and professional development. These applied aspects are an integral part of the student experience. Please contact me if you would like to become involved in the lab today!