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FOREWORD--This web site contains research on several topics: Latent 
variables (LV's), and their interactions (XZ) and quadratics (XX);
substantive (theory testing) research on relationship termination
 (EXITing) in buyer-seller and salesperson-employer relationships;
 and research on higher education (University teaching and
obtaining the terminal degree).
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              o Latent Variable Interactions and Quadratics: Research on interactions
                    (XZ) and quadratics (XX) in theoretical model (hypothesis) tests 
using structural equation analysis (LISREL, EQS, AMOS, SIMPLIS,
etc.) and real-world data. Topics include XZ and XX reliability and
validity. In theory tests these are important because low
reliability/validity in XZ or XX may mean that a significant
interaction or quadratic will be NS or of opposite sign in its next
model test.
Other topics include estimating categorical (nominal)
variables, and improving
measures that are in serious trouble--
ones with low Average Variance Extracted (AVE), or unacceptable
model-to-data fit (i.e., only a 3-indicator specification fits the
data, etc.) o
Theoretical Model Testing with Latent Variables: Topics include improving Average Variance Extracted (AVE), estimating a latent
variable with only two indicators, and speeding up the "weeding"
(itemizing) of a measure so it is consistent ("fits the data"), is
valid and reliable, yet has more than 3 indicators. o
(Buyer-Seller) Relationship Termination: Research on responses to
(business, e.g., buyer-seller) relationship problems: Relationship
Exiting, Voice, Loyalty, Relationship Neglect, Opportunism, and their
antecedents, and
              o Higher Education: Research on Higher Education, including promotion 
and tenure, and the possibility of reusing one's data for a second
paper to help reduce the "time between papers." (Perhaps
surprisingly, some editors do not object to reusing data, as long
as new theory is being tested.) This Higher Education web page has
been substantially revised and updated in its "The Jr. Faculty Corner"
section. For example, the suggestions there for Revising and
Resubmitting a paper and sample "Responses to the Reviewers"
have been heavily edited for clarity and, utility.