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Reading and Using Mathematica Notebooks for Calculus

The Calculus materials on this site are in the form of Mathematica "notebooks", interactive documents used by Mathematica(tm) software. These notebooks can be downloaded from this page.

I Only Want to Read the Notebooks

I Want to Use the Notebooks in a Wright State Computer Lab

The most convenient labs in which to use the notebooks are 270MM (Mac) and 170MM (Windows), as the notebooks are easy to access, in the "Calculus" folder in 270MM or the "Math Shared" folder in 170MM. Schedules for both labs are available from the Calculus Laboratory Page.

In addition, Mathematica with calcE is available in any CaTS-operated Windows lab. You will need to download any notebooks you wish to work with from the download page.

I Want to Use the Notebooks on My Computer

You will need three things:

Mathematica software can be purchased directly from the Wolfram Research site. Just look under "Products" to find "Mathematics for Students". Cost is $45 for six months, $70 for one year, or $140 for "as long as you are a student." You will need to verify student status before receiving a license code, but you can download on payment. (It is a LARGE download!)

calcE is available on a shareware basis, downloadable from the link below. calcE is a copyrighted work and should not be redistributed.

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