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Downloading Calculus Laboratory Materials

You can download a single notebook by right-clicking on it, or you can download an entire course of notebooks by clicking on its header. It is best to download an entire course if working at home, as each folder contains the stylesheet which makes the notebooks look nice.

In order to read these notebooks you must have either Mathematica or CDFPlayer. CDFPlayer is like Adobe Reader except it allows you to read Mathematics notebooks. You can get it here.

In order to use these notebooks you must have both Mathematica and calcE, both of which are free to Wright State students, faculty, and staff. See the Calculus Laboratory Home Page for information on how to get them.

Please drop me a note if you have problems (or even if you don't!).

Calculus I

Calculus II

Calculus III

01 Graphs and Mathematica 
02 Functions and Graphs 
03 Graphs and Calculus 
04 Tangent Lines 
05 Rates of Change 
06 Derivatives and Graphs 
10 The Derivative 
11 Limits and Derivatives 
12 Limits and Infinity 
13 Polynomial Functions 
14 Transcendental Functions 
15 Algebra and Derivatives 
16 The Chain Rule 
20 Derivatives and Rates 
21 Linear Approximation 
24 Newton's Method 
25 Optimization 
27 Indeterminate Forms 
28 Antiderivatives 
29 Projects I 
31 Area 
32 Area and Functions 
33 Riemann Sums 
34 Areas and Limits 
35 Substitution 

36 Integration by Parts 
37 Partial Fractions 
38 Trigonometric Integrals 
39 Numerical Integration 
40 Improper Integrals 
41 Areas in the Plane 
42 Volumes of Revolution 
43 Arc Length 
45 Differential Equations 
49 Projects II 
51 Vectors 
52 Dot Products 
53 Parametric Equations 
61 Cross Products 
67 Bézier Curves 
70 Sequences and Limits 
71 Numerical Series 
72 Convergence 
73 Taylor Polynomials 
74 Taylor Series 
75 Euler's Formula 
76 Fourier Series 

54 Vector Functions 
55 Polar Coordinates 
56 Rotations 
57 Vectors and Motion 
58 Velocity and Acceleration 
59 Modeling Motion 
64 Parametric Surfaces 
65 Quadric Surfaces 
Chapter 11 
Chapter 12 
Chapter 13 

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