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  • Calculus Laboratory materials are available for download at the Download Page.
  • Working in Wright State computer labs.
  • (new) Working at Home (or anywhere else).

Calculus Laboratory News

  • Mathematica is available FREE to all WSU students!

    Follow this link for instructions on how to set up a Wolfram account and download the program. (This is the only way to get it -- you cannot copy it from another student.)

    Faculty and Staff can also get Mathematica from the same link.

  • IMPORTANT! If you are using version 10 of Mathematica, which is the current version, you need an updated version of calcE which works with version 10. You can download this updated version through the link below.
  • calcE, an add-on package for Mathematica necessary to use the WSU Calculus materials for Mathematica, is also available FREE to all WSU students, faculty, and staff.

    Follow the link above or go directly here to download (and ignore the suggested contribution).

Computer Laboratory Miscellaneous


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