Bio-Fluid Seminar Series


The Bio-Fluid Seminar Series (B-FSS) is a seminar hosted by the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) at Wright State University. Participants include faculty, post-doctoral associates, graduate assistants and undergraduate interns whose research falls under the broad category of biofluid mechanics. The B-FSS includes original research and journal club presentations by the participants on a rotating basis.

Topics covered under the broad umbrella of biofluidics include:
1. Patient-Specific Models
2. Multi-scale Simulations
3. Cardiovascular Flows Respiratory Flows
4. Reproductive Flows
5. Lymphatic Flows
6. Biological Flows (embryology, neurology)
7. Fluid-Structure Interaction
8. Swimming of Organisms
9. Biofluids & Medical Devices
10. Nano & Micro Biofluids
11. Clinical Applications


Speakers are expected to present their recent research for 20-30 minutes, allowing ample time for discussion and questions. Students should always provide ample background or literature review for their projects, especially first and second year students. All students should consult with their advisor(s) prior to presenting.


To foster a dynamic, positively-reinforced atmosphere of research activity amongst participating students by:

1. developing experience preparing and presenting conference-quality presentations in a reoccurring time-frame
2. taking a "step back" from day-to-day tasks to reflect on the "big-picture" of the project and take inventory of progress
3. receiving feedback from a wider range of peers and advisors
4. participating in scholarly discussions developing critical thinking skills
5. stimulating further intellectual discussion, questions and fortuitous ideas outside the meeting
6. providing a community of sorts for those engaged in related research project

Schedule (spring 2016)

Meeting time: 9 – 10am
Meeting location: 036 Rike Hall
Presentation title


George Huang (Faculty)

    “The mechanics of human heart and how to model it”


Mark Johnson (M.S. student)

    “An Hybrid method for PIV image processing”


Hongtao Hu (Ph.D. student)

    “Aging effect on hemodynamics”


Philippe Sucosky (Faculty)

    “Assessment of the effects of bicuspid aortic valve morphotype on ascending aorta hemodynamics”


Zifeng Yang (Faculty)

    “Blood velocimetry using Optical Flow Method”


  • Katrina Catledge (Undergraduate student)

  • Jordan Yaney (Undergraduate student)

  • Olivia Ashworth (Undergraduate student)

  • Bryce Laycock (Undergraduate student)

    “Patient-specific modeling”

Participants (spring 2016)


George P. Huang, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Expertise: computational fluid dynamics, turbulence/transition modeling, blood flow numerical code development

Philippe Sucosky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Expertise: cardiovascular mechanics, hemodynamics, experimental and computational flow characterization, valvular and vascular mechanobiology

Zifeng Yang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Expertise: experimental flow measurements, blood velocimetry, digital subtraction angiography, optics-based flow diagnostic techniques

Brian Ludwig, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Neurology and Chair, WSU/Premier Health Neuroscience Institute Expertise: vascular neurology, interventional neuroradiology

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