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O. Paliy, H. Kenche, F. Abernathy, and S. Michail

High-throughput quantitative analysis of human intestinal microbiota with phylogenetic microarray (2009) [in review]

Full text (pdf)

Supplementary material:

  • Expanded figure 1 with individual data points plotted (pdf)

  • Properties of microbiota array:

    • Number of GC nucleotides per probe: array-wide histogram distribution (image). Probe GC distributions for Affymetrix E. coli, B. subtilis, and Neurospora arrays are shown for comparison; image provided by Affymetrix, Inc.

    • List of intestinal microbiota phylo-species that can be detected by the array (pdf); phylogenetic classification for each phylo-species is included
  • Additional datasets:

    • Identification of microbiota array detection limit for different types of hybridized sample: raw microarray data (pdf)

    • Analysis of human fecal samples: normalized microarray data (pdf). The data was normalized using MAS5-Loess-MedianPolish algorithm workflow. Data represents non-transformed signal values for each probeset ("Signal") and GCOS-based statistical estimate of probeset detection in each sample ("Call").
  • qPCR primers and mathematical calculations employed (pdf)

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