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D.P. Zimmer, O. Paliy, B. Thomas, P. Gyaneshwar, and S. Kustu

Genome Image programs: visualization and interpretation of Escherichia coli microarray experiments (2004) Genetics, 167, 2111-2119.

Full text (pdf)

Supplementary material:

  • Comparison of E. coli NCM3722 grown on taurine (labeled red) or sulfur (labeled green) as sulfur source: alignment of four genome images (pdf)

  • Comparison of E. coli CY15682 (trpR2) (labeled red) vs wild-type E. coli W3110 (labeled green). Experiment was performed in the laboratory of Prof. C. Yanofsky [Khodursky et al. 2000 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 97:12170-12175] and is displayed as a genome image (pdf)

  • Screenshots of E.coli Entry Point pages for taurine vs sulfur comparison and comments

  • Experiments used in elucidation of b3506-b3517 region (pdf)

  • b3506-b3517 region: gene functions and operon organization (pdf)

  • Results of hierarchical clustering of a set of 11 experiments used in Zimmer et al [2000] to define the NtrC-nac regulon

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