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Dr. Paliy

Dr. Oleg Paliy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

260 Diggs, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 3640 Col. Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435

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B.Sc.+M.Sc.: Lviv State University, Lviv, Ukraine. Microbial Genetics and Genetic Engineering.

Ph.D.: University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. Microbial Molecular and Structural Biology.

Postdoctoral: University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA. Microbial Systems Biology.

Areas of research interests


Methodologies used

  • Role of gut microbes in human health and in gastrointestinal diseases such as IBS, diabetes, and obesity

  • Gut microbiota as a modulator of diet and nutrition on human health

  • Host-microbial interactions of pathogenic and commensal enterobacteria

  • Metabolic interactions in complex microbial communities

  • Standard microbiology techniques

  • Standard molecular biology methods

  • Gene expression profiling with microarrays and qPCR

  • Microbial community analysis by high-throughput sequencing, phylogenetic microarrays, and FISH

  • Bioinformatics and computational biology

  • Biostatistics and phylogenetic analysis

High-throughput sequencing facility: click here for details

Recent news

  • Dr Paliy receives Fulbright Scholar award:

    Dr Paliy has been selected as Fulbright Scholar for the 2022-2023. He will travel to Giza-Cairo in Egypt to work on a collaborative project with his colleague, Dr. Laila Hussein. Together they will investigate how supplementing diet of Egyptian teenagers with prebiotic fiber can improve children gut health and affect their intestinal microbes.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    L.M. Ketelboeter, A. Gordon, S.U. Welmillage, V. S. Sreevidya, O. Paliy and P. Gyaneshwar. Transcriptomic and physiological responses of Rhizobium sp. IRBG74 to Sesbania cannabina and Rice (Oryza sativa L) rhizosphere (2022) Plant Soil, 1-18.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    S. Rajakaruna, S. Pérez-Burillo, D.L. Kramer, J.Á. Rufián-Henares, and O. Paliy. Dietary Melanoidins from Biscuits and Bread Crust Alter the Structure and Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production of Human Gut Microbiota (2022) Microorganisms, 10(7): 1268.

  • Paper published:

    S. Perez-Burillo, S. Rajakaruna, and O. Paliy. Growth of Bifidobacterium species is inhibited by free fatty acids and bile salts but not by glycerides (2022) AIMS Microbiol., 8(1): 53-60.

  • Invited review published:

    O. Paliy and S. Rajakaruna. Development of Microbiota - Is the Process Continuing Through Adolescence? (2022) in: Glibetic, M. (Ed.), Comprehensive Gut Microbiota, vol. 2. Elsevier, pp. 59–68.

  • Dr Paliy receives Fulbright Specialist award:

    Dr Paliy has been awarded the Fulbright Specialist status for the 2022-2025 period.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    S. Pérez-Burillo, S. Rajakaruna, O. Paliy, S. Pastoriza, and J.Á. Rufián-Henares. Bioactivity of food melanoidins is mediated by gut microbiota (2020) Food Chem., 316: 126309.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    M.P. Craig, S. Rajakaruna, O. Paliy, M. Sajjad, S. Madhavan, N. Reddy, J. Zhang, M. Bottomley, S. Agrawal, M.P. Kadakia. Differential MicroRNA Signatures in the Pathogenesis of Barrett’s Esophagus (2020) Clin. Transl. Gastroenterol., 11(1): e00125.

  • Paper published:

    R.T. Agans, A. Gordon, S. Hussain, and O. Paliy. Titanium dioxide nanoparticles elicit lower direct inhibitory effect on human gut microbiota than silver nanoparticles (2019) Toxicol. Sci., 172(2): 411-416.

    • This article was chosen for Tox Spotlight section.
  • Collaborative paper published:

    S. Rajakaruna, D.A. Freedman, A.R. Sehgal, X. Bui, and O. Paliy. Diet quality and body mass indices show opposite associations with distal gut microbiota in a low-income cohort (2019) J. Food Sci. Technol., 4(7): 846-851.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    S. Pérez-Burillo, T. Mehta, S. Pastoriza, D.L. Kramer, O. Paliy, and J.Á. Rufián-Henares. Potential probiotic salami with dietary fiber modulates antioxidant capacity, short chain fatty acid production and gut microbiota community structure (2019) Food Sci. Technol., 105: 355-362.

  • Student award:

    Jennifer Cano, a talented undergraduate student, has received a grant from Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation program for 2019 to carry out research in the lab.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    S. Pérez-Burillo, T. Mehta, A. Esteban-Muñoz, S. Pastoriza, O. Paliy, and J.Á. Rufián-Henares. Effect of in vitro digestion-fermentation on green and roasted coffee bioactivity: The role of the gut microbiota (2019) Food Chem., 279: 252-259.

  • Paper published:

    R. Agans, A. Gordon, D.L. Kramer, S. Pérez-Burillo, J.A. Rufián-Henares, and O. Paliy. Dietary fatty acids sustain the growth of the human gut microbiota (2018) Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 84(21): e01525-18.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    E. Labib, M. Blaut, L. Hussein, M. Gouda, D.L. Kramer, O. Paliy, B. Ganesh, P. Schumann, R. Pukall, A. Woting, and M.T. Fouad. Molecular diversity of gut microbiota and short chain fatty acids in egyptian adults following dietary intervention with fermented sobya (2018) J. Food Microbiol. Saf. Hyg., 3 (2): 1000139.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    E. Kim, M. Lambert, G. Fallata, J. Rowe, T. Martin, A. Satoskar, N. Reo, O. Paliy, E. Cormet-Boyaka, and P.N. Boyaka. Intestinal epithelial cells regulate gut CCL11 responses and severity of allergy (2018) Front. Immunol., 8: 10069.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    S. Sakaram, M. Craig, N. Hill, A. Aljagthmi, C. Garrido, O. Paliy, M. Bottomley, M.L. Raymer, and M. Kadakia. Identification of novel ΔNp63α-regulated miRNAs using an optimized small RNA-Seq analysis pipeline (2018) Sci. Rep., 8: 10069.

  • Collaborative paper published:

    M.C. Jugan, A.J. Rudinsky, A. Gordon, D.L. Kramer, J.B. Daniels, O. Paliy, P. Boyaka, and C. Gilor. Effects of oral Akkermansia muciniphila supplementation in healthy dogs following antimicrobial administration (2018) Am. J. Vet. Res., 79(8): 884-892.

  • Paper published:

    V. Shankar, R. Agans, and O. Paliy. Advantages of phylogenetic distance based constrained ordination analyses for the examination of microbial communities (2017) Sci. Rep., 7(1): 6481.

  • Paper published:

    V. Shankar, M. Gouda, J. Moncivaiz, A. Gordon, N.V. Reo, L. Hussein, and O. Paliy. Differences in gut metabolites and microbial composition and functions between Egyptian and US teenagers are consistent with consumed diets (2017) mSystems, 2(1): e00169-16.

  • Student recognized:

    Alex Gordon, a talented PhD student in the lab, has won the Best Graduate Student Poster Presentation Award at the OBASM 2016 meeting.

  • Invited review published:

    O. Paliy and V. Shankar. Application of multivariate statistical techniques in microbial ecology (2016) Mol. Ecol., 25(5): 1032-57.

  • Paper published:

    V. Shankar, N.V. Reo, and O. Paliy. Simultaneous fecal microbial and metabolite profiling enables accurate classification of pediatric irritable bowel syndrome (2015) Microbiome, 3: 73.

  • Students present posters:

    R. Agans, L. Rigsbee, O. Paliy. Human gut microbiota is efficient in utilizing dietary fats for growth as revealed by long-term community maintenance in the in vitro gut simulator. Microbiome Symposium, Ann Arbor, MI, 2015.

    V. Shankar, D. Homer, L. Rigsbee, M. Raymer, N. V. Reo, O. Paliy. Simultaneous interrogation of fecal metabolites and microbes reveals differences in the network of gut microbe-metabolite associations between health and irritable bowel syndrome. Microbiome Symposium, Ann Arbor, MI, 2015.

Current and past funding

  • Fulbright Scholar Award [2022-2023] "Diet supplementation of Egyptian children with prevbiotic fiber"

  • Uprising Foods, Inc. Research Donation [2022-2023] "Studies of human gut microbiota"

  • UWM RGI [2017-2020] "Understanding and enhancing rhizobium-cereal interactions"

  • DARPA / Ginkgo Bioworks [2016-2018] "Engineering CRISPR constructs to modulate microbial community composition"

  • AHA GiA [2016-2019] "Protective effects of short chain fatty acids against infective endocarditis"

  • NIH NIDDK R01 [2015-2020] "Intestinal epithelial cell regulation of allergic inflammation at distant sites"

  • NSF Major Research Instrumentation Grant [2015-2018] "Acquisition of High Performance Computer Cluster for Multidisciplinary Computational Research and Education"

  • DAGSI / Air Force Research Laboratory [2015-2018] "Biomolecular interaction of nanoparticles and other aerospace chemicals with gut microbial and metabolite profiles"

  • NSF Major Research Instrumentation Grant [2013-2016] "Establishment of next-generation sequencing facility at WSU"

  • WSU BSoM Emerging Science Program [2013-2014] "Gut microbiota in children of developing world"

  • Procter & Gamble Research Grant [2011-2016] "Studies of human gut microbiota"

  • WSU BSoM Research Challenge [2011-2012] "High-throughput detection of quantitative differences in intestinal microbiota in patients with colorectal cancer and advanced adenomatous polyps"

  • NIH NICHD [2010-2013] "Quantitative measurements of intestinal metabolites in healthy and IBS children"

  • Procter & Gamble Research Grant [2010-2011] "DNA extraction from fecal material"

  • NIH NCCAM [2008-2011] "Using Affymetrix Microflora array to study microflora composition in children with IBS"

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