A Biography of Jordan Nyerges

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(That's me on the right)

There are some things I would like to tell you about myself.

Where am I from?
I am from the city of Cleveland, OH. It's not the nicest place, but there is no place I'd rather live.

What is my Major?
My major at Wright State is Computer Engineering. It was originally Mechanical Engineering but I swithched after taking this class because I want to do more work with computers and robotics.

Any plans for after graduation?
My plan for after graduation is to get a job on base at Wright Patterson Airforce Base. I've always wanted to work with the Air Force and this is the best place to do that.

What do I want to be doing 10 years from now?
Ten years from now I hope to be living in a large city like New York with a job working on robotics.

A few things about my hobbies, experiences, and life:

What is my favorite music?
I don't really listen to much music so I have a bit of a strange taste when it comes to it. The two kinds of music I listen to are Rock, like ACDC and Disturbed, and violin music, like classical and orchestral music.

What's my favorite food?
I have a lot of favorite food like:

It's not the healthiest diet but it sure tastes great.

With all good foods there are bad ones like these:

What are my favorite books?
Well I'm really not much of an avid reader since I tend to get very bored while reading. Strangely enough, I really like the HALO book series even though I'm not much of a fan of the video games. They keep me very interested and I don't get bored while reading them.

Any favorite Television shows?
I have a lot of favorite TV shows but here are my top 5:

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Doctor Who
  3. Star Trek: Next Gen
  4. Walking Dead
  5. Archer

Here are some other interesting things I've done in my life time.
Just last fall I went on a trip with my friend to Xenia. We went there to go skydiving. This is one of my favorite and scariest things I've done. At the final moment right when you jump from the plane it is nothing but sheer terror and adrenaline. Once you fall for a few moments though, you calm down and it is SO much fun.

Another thing I like to do is travel. I've been around about half of the US, mostly the east coast. I've also gone out of country a bit. I've been to places like Canada, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Namibia, and South Africa. Most of these countries I went to for touring; however, I went to Africa for big game hunting. While I was there we hunted an elephant, girafee, lion, zebra, various deer like animals, baboon, wild cats, and various other animals . This trip was a very exciting trip and probabaly my favorite. There was even a time where a lion made it into our hunting compound, which was pretty intense. Although this was my favorite trip there are still other places I wish to visit like London and I would love to go back to Germany some day.

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